Amy King Dragged For Using Hurricane Ida For Social Media Engagement

Duggar cousin Amy King is under fire for her recent social media post about Hurricane Ida. While she might have had good intentions, some think she was trying to use the natural disaster as a way to increase her social media engagement.

So, what did Amy decide to post, and what are critics saying about it?


Amy King Instagram

On Instagram, Amy shared a touching message about Hurricane Ida, letting people know she’s thinking of them. In her post, she wrote, “Praying for Nola and every resident that is in the path of Ida. 16 years ago Katrina destroyed lives and homes and now on the exact same day Ida will make landfall.”

She continued, “I love weather, but I hate the destruction it can cause. I have been actively watching this storm since it’s been in Cuba. It’s going to be devastating and I just hope everyone is in a safe place . I always think of the homeless, the animals, small businesses… my heart is heavy.”

Then, she wrote, “Also is anyone hunkering down and riding out the storm?! Comment below!”

Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

Amy King slammed for her latest post.

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks are talking about Amy’s post and the line she decided to add at the end. Asking a question at the end of a social media post is a common practice to increase social media engagement. When her followers answer the question, she’s getting more comments and likes on the post. The Instagram algorithm may show her post to more people because it’s getting lots of attention compared to other posts.

They think that it’s in poor taste to post about a natural disaster and add such a casual question at the end. Some fans point out that those who are affected by the storm may not be able to access social media or have electricity at this point.

One user writes, “The post itself was fine until she asked people to comment. Like the whole city of New Orleans (and I think the whole Parish) has 0 electricity and I think those still there have better things to use their phones for than a Z list celeb’s instagram engagement.”

Others agree, pointing out that if people do have power, data, or access to the internet, they are likely trying to get in touch with their families.

Now, it’s totally possible that Amy was trying to create a conversation with her followers by asking a question. But plenty of people are concerned about her intentions in asking a question during a time like this.

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