Amy King Posts A Bizarre Throwback Photo While Not Wanting To Be In The News

Duggar cousin Amy King is tired of making headlines, but she recently released a photo that has fans talking. She’s gotten quite the reaction on social media, which is interesting since she previously said she doesn’t want to be in the news anymore.

So, what’s going on with Amy and the new photo she shared?

Amy King wants to stay out of the news.

In a tweet, Amy revealed that she would be taking a break from Twitter so she can focus on everything else going on in her life. She’s trying to sell her home and is moving her store to a new location.

At the end of her tweet, she writes that she’s “real over being in the news.” Amy’s name has made headlines recently, partially due to her connection with the Duggar family. She’s the niece of Jim Bob Duggar, and her cousin Josh was recently arrested for the possession of child pornography. Since then, Amy has been sharing subtle posts, seemingly urging Josh’s wife Anna to leave him.

Over the years, Amy has made it fairly clear that she’s “not a Duggar.” Still, she’s connected to the family, and there’s no escaping their name, it seems. She even has the Duggar name in her Twitter handle.

See the newly released photo.

Even though she’s trying to stay out of the news, Amy is continuing to post on social media. She also shared an old photo of herself and her cousin Josh together, which was reposted by Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball.

In a new Instagram post, Katie shared the photo of Amy and Josh together. In the photo, they were playing Cops and Robbers together. Katie writes, “Amy Duggar King – if only.. you subconsciously knew all along.”

In response, Amy writes, “If only.”

In response, Duggar fans and critics have a lot to say about the photo, and it looks like it’s getting a lot of attention already. They have noticed she is continuing to post photos on social media that get her followers talking. She recently posted a quote, calling out her “toxic” family members.

So, why do you think Amy King chose to release this photo if she doesn’t want to be talked about right now? Have you ever seen this photo before? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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