Amy Roloff’s Father In Hospital For Two Weeks, Will He Attend Wedding?

Amy Roloff is days away from marrying Chris Marek. As the wedding details come together, she reveals if her dad will attend. She spent time with her father earlier this summer in Michigan. But he’s been in the hospital for the last two weeks. Will Amy Roloff’s elderly father be able to make the trip to her wedding?

Amy Roloff Enjoys Time With Her Dad

The Little People, Big World star recognizes how lucky she is to still have her dad around. He turned 92-years-old at the beginning of 2021. Back in June, Amy Roloff traveled to Michigan to spend a week with her dad.

Before leaving, she reflected on her hope that it wouldn’t be her last visit with her dad.


Amy Roloff and her father via Instagram

Whoops! Blushing Bride Messes Up Chris Marek’s Wedding Project

Wedding prep is in high gear! Amy Roloff will walk down the aisle to marry Chris Marek on Saturday, August 28, 2021. Amy’s ex, Matt Roloff, is building a new structure on Roloff Farms to host the wedding. He’s been sharing the progress as the deadline approaches.

There was a short delay in the construction when Matt Roloff had to leave to attend to his own elderly parents. However, he is determined to get the building up and running in time for the wedding.

Amy and Chris have had several disagreements during wedding planning. One issue was the wedding party favors. Chris wasn’t a fan of Amy’s idea of hand-painted rocks for the guests to take home. Viewers weren’t surprised when Amy shot down her fiance’s idea of a second wedding favor.

Perhaps as an olive branch, Chris Marek started a special project for the wedding. She shared a photo on her Instagram of Chris sanding a piece of wood. Amy revealed that her part was to put the couple’s initials and wedding date on it.

As the internet likes to say: you had one job, Amy! Somehow, the bride-to-be managed to goof up while branding the date onto the wood. “Oops,” she joked on the post. However, she also said that they will be the “only ones” who see the finished project anyway.

Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram

Amy Roloff’s Father In Hospital For Two Weeks, Will He Attend Wedding?

We know that Matt Roloff won’t be attending his ex’s wedding, but what about Amy Roloff’s father? In a new post on her Instagram Stories, Amy Roloff discusses her elderly father attending the wedding. At this point, she just doesn’t know. She revealed that he’s been having some health issues and was in the hospital for the last two weeks.

According to Amy, her father is now home and getting better. She remains hopeful that her dad will be there to see her marry Chris Marek. If not, she still has plans to go back to Michigan soon and visit him.

Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram

Here’s hoping that Amy Roloff’s elderly father will be able to attend her wedding.

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