Amy’s 92-Year-Old Father Attends Her Wedding After Hospitalization!

Amy Roloff’s special day finally arrived, and she ended up tying the knots with the love of her life, Chris Marek. The Little People Big World star had been married to Matt Roloff for around three decades until they got divorced in 2016. Now, she has finally moved on in life and walk down the aisle for the second time. Since it has been so many years since her first marriage, Amy’s second wedding seemed like a whole new experience for her. Hence, it was important for the TLC celeb to have her dad with her. Here’s an adorable picture of the father-daughter duo in their stunning wedding outfits.

Little People Big World: Amy’s Father Was Hospitalized 2-Weeks Before Her Wedding!

Only a couple of weeks before her wedding day, Amy Roloff was shocked to find out that her father had been hospitalized due to health issues. The LPBW matriarch revealed that her dad stayed in the hospital for two weeks and only got home recently. She mentioned that he might not be able to make it to the wedding. However, she also suggested that her father was getting better and stronger since he got home. Amy had plans of visiting him ahead of her big day.

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Previously, Amy visited her dad in her homeland, Michigan, around the Father’s Day week. The father-daughter duo spent a lot of time together. The Little People Big World star cooked for him, went to the lake, and even did some boating together with him.

Little People Big World: Amy’s 92-Year-Old Dad Walked Her Down The Aisle!

Amy Roloff was way too excited for her second wedding and wanted her dad to be with her. However, when he was hospitalized, she wasn’t sure if he’d be able to make it to her special day. Fortunately, her father was eventually able to attend the wedding and even walked her down the aisle. Jeremy Roloff’s wife, Audrey, uploaded a picture of Amy and her dad in an Instagram story. She revealed how Jeremy’s grandpa flew across the country to be with his daughter. The gracious 92-year-old dad even danced with her. Audrey added that he also gave “one of the most epic wedding toasts ever.”

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Instagram: @audreyroloff & @amyjroloff

Later on, Amy Roloff mentioned in one of her videos that she was so happy that her father could attend the wedding. She later uploaded a stunning photo of her with her dad on her Instagram story. There are chances that we might get to listen to her father’s wedding toast on the show in the future. However, we might have to wait a while for it to release. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for more Little People Big World updates.


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