An Adventurous Date Night At Home

In this day and age, it can be super challenging for couples who want to spice up date nights but don’t want to empty their wallets. Playing drinking games together is a sure way to have a few laughs and connect on a deeper level. Plus, it’s a safe way to spend some quality time together while avoiding large crowds since the COVID-19 pandemic is still in full swing.

If you and your significant other want to get a little tipsy together (responsibly, please don’t drink and drive!) and have some fun, get your cocktails and shots ready for these drinking games made for couples.

Never Have I Ever 

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First, the most iconic drinking game: Never Have I Ever. This game can get spicy real quick!

If you and your partner don’t know each other that well, this can be a great ice breaker. Dating in the early stages can be daunting! If you are struggling to open up, playing games like this can help you break out of your shell.

You can be as risky as you want with your statements, but be prepared for the other person’s honesty. If you are a seasoned couple, this is an awesome opportunity for sabotage. For example, if you know that your partner has done something you haven’t, it is an easy way to get them to take a drink. Be prepared for some savage takedowns, everything is fair game.

How To Play: To start the game, each player must hold out 10 fingers in front of them. Players will then take turns stating things they have never done. (Example: “Never have I ever been to Australia”). Any time you’ve done something someone else hasn’t, you put a finger down and take a drink. The first player to run out of fingers is the loser. You can also use the card game for inspiration.

Two Truths And A Lie

A couple toasts with wine over candlelight

Time to put on your poker face. Whether it’s a first date or you’ve known each other forever, Two Truths and a Lie is a fantastic opportunity for couples to get to know one another better. Or, this can be a test of how well you do know each other. To keep things exciting, try to come up with options that make it super hard to guess which one is the lie. Happy guessing! 

How To Play: As the name of the game suggests, each player states two truths and one lie about themselves. The objective is to guess which of your partner’s statements is false.

Each statement should seem feasible, yet fantastical in order to make it hard to guess which one is the lie. For example: “I’ve swum with sharks, I’ve never been in a hot air balloon, I’ve boogie boarded down a sand dune, etc.”

If your partner guesses the lie incorrectly, they must take a shot.

Movie Drinking Games

A woman and man toast during their date night at home
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Who doesn’t love a movie night? To add a new twist to an old classic, add some rules to follow while watching your favorite movie and turn it into an epic drinking game.

How To Play: Pick a movie you both know already and drink every time something on your list of rules occurs. For example, if you are watching Shrek you can make a rule to drink every time Donkey annoys Shrek or every time Shrek mentions his swamp.

Be careful not to create rules that are so generic they will have you drinking every minute (or do, depending on how crazy you are trying to get). Write down the rules on a whiteboard or sheet of paper so you have a visual aid and don’t forget the rules as you drink!

Here are some movie inspirations:

Drink Or Dare

A gay couple cheers with some beers in their living room

We’ve all played truth or dare at some point in our lives. Drink or Dare is a drunken spin on the classic party game—but instead of asking probing questions, you either do the dare or you drink!

For fresh couples, this is an excellent way to see how much the other is willing to do before taking a shot—and get to know each other a bit better. For seasoned couples, this is an awesome opportunity to just have fun with each other. It’s a sure way to make each other laugh and see how creative you can get with your dares. Naturally, the game can get a bit risqué, so be prepared for anything to come your way.

How To Play: Each player takes turns daring the other to do something. If a player fails to perform the dare, they must take a shot (not a sip!). Note: this game be as innocent or racy as you want.


The game of battleship, focused on one of the game pieces

A fun twist to the game, Battleship. If you have the classic board game laying around, it’s time to bring it out of retirement.

Battleship is great for both competitive couples and couples who just want to have fun. Competitive couples who take their games seriously may choose to sabotage their partner, which can get really interesting and entertaining! If the goal is to get drunk, then you don’t need to be super strategic.

With a little imagination, any kind of board game you have at home can become a fun drinking game. 

How To Play: Play Battleship as instructed. Players must take a drink each time their ship takes a hit. Don’t have a Battleship board? You can play for free at

Ed Sheeran Drinking Game

Ed Sheeran gazing lovingly at the camera
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Are you a huge Ed Sheeran fan? This is the perfect drinking game for you. Even if you aren’t, anyone can easily play along with this game. His songs have many repeating words, so there’s almost a guarantee that this game will get you drunk. Plus, listening to music together is a fabulous way to bond and connect.

How To Play: Listen to Ed Sheeran’s music. Take a drink every time he says, “baby,” “love,” and “miss.” Not an Ed Sheeran fan? No problem. Pick an artist that you both enjoy and make up your own rules accordingly.

The Mustache Game

A box of popcorn wearing a mustache and sunglasses
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Shake up your normal Netflix and chill session by playing The Mustache Game Depending on what you’re watching, this can be seriously hilarious. This game is an effortless way to lighten the mood and have a blast together. Who doesn’t find it particularly amusing when someone on screen has a mustache that they have no idea about? Throw on your favorite movie or show and let the good times roll. 

How To Play: Make a mustache and tape it to the TV. Every time a character is properly mustached, take a drink. 

Table Topics

a couple cozies up on the couch, drinking some beers

This game is pretty straightforward. Ask each other anything and everything…if you refuse to answer, take a drink!

Table Topics is another great option if you are wanting to get to know each other better. For couples who have been together for a long time, this game can be an opportunity to ask questions you wouldn’t ordinarily bring up and get to know your partner on a deeper level. It’s time to break down those walls and truly open up!

How To Play: Ask your partner whatever question you want. If they refuse to answer, they must take a drink.


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