An animated episode and SO much more

LuciferLeading into its premiere on Netflix next month the Lucifer season 6 trailer is now available. Based on what we’re seeing here, the final episodes are going to deliver all sorts of fun surprises.

Let’s start with setting up the story here: At the end of season 5 Lucifer Morningstar was proclaimed to be the new God. However, there’s a difference between having the title and actually doing the job. That’s what Lucifer is still trying to figure out. He’s also still on Earth engaging with so many of his friends — is he putting the job off? It certainly feels like it.

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Beyond just the central story of this season, the new trailer confirms a number of different things. for example, you have visual proof in here that Dan is very-much still a part of the show despite being killed off close to the end of season 5. Meanwhile, you are also going to see more of Eve, and there’s also going to be an animated episode! Or, at the very least, there will be a part of an upcoming episode that is animated. Because this show is so far in its run at this point it gives the writers/producers a chance to have a little bit of fun and flex some creative muscles. Remember that they just did a musical episode; why not go in this direction now?

These final episodes are going to be available on Netflix come September 10, which is certainly so much earlier than we expected they would come out! We’re sad that the show is ending, but also immensely grateful that there is this final season on the way — we weren’t quite sure we’d ever have so many episodes!

What are you most excited about for Lucifer season 6 based on this trailer?

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