‘An awful lot of surgery’

She’s a Dame who doesn’t give a damn!

Dame Joan Collins is 88 and still has a lot to say. The “Dynasty” legend’s new memoir, “My Unapologetic Diaries,” is full of juicy secrets and truly uncensored thoughts — and a whole lot of Alexis Carrington-worthy cattiness.

The British star slammed her “Dynasty” co-star Linda Evans and her plastic surgery and then proceeded to trash folks who go under the knife — namely the Kardashian family, according to the Daily Mail.

“Are you supposed to ignore somebody when they come in with tape on their eyelid?” she wrote of Evans, who starred in the ABC soap opera as her character’s nemesis. “Every one of the other actors was saying, ‘What do you think she had done?’ “

“Am I the only one who thinks there’s an obesity crisis? Those lips people have done, I think they look ludicrous,” she said of today’s trends in cosmetic surgery. “I’m sorry. And if people want to go round looking like that I’m going to laugh at it.”

Linda Evans and Joan Collins starred on “Dynasty” as rivals.
©Aaron Spelling Prods/Courtesy Everett

Collins then went on to slam the reality television dynasty. “We all talk about it. Have you ever been in a hairdresser’s? The Kardashians, for instance.”

“Kris Jenner, their mother, is a good friend of mine and I don’t want to be rude about her children, but there’s an awful lot of surgery there and I’ve talked to my friends about it, as I’m sure you have, the bottoms, the tiny waists,” she said.

Joan Collins goes all out in her new book, trashing celebrities like the Kardashians.
Joan Collins goes all out in her new book, trashing celebrities like the Kardashians.Getty Images

Collins even took a swing at Italian actress Sophia Loren and her pearly whites, writing that Loren’s teeth “look like they have been carved out of ivory.”

“[Loren’s] still alive. But it’s not as if we’re bosom buddies and she’s never going to speak to me again. And it’s true,” Collins continued.


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