Anand Mahindra Explains The Behavior Of Habit Through Video Of A Dog

The Internet is filled people who share posts that often impart important life lessons. One Twitter user who makes it a point to share such interesting life lessons from time to time with netizens is Anand Mahindra. Case in point, his latest share involving a dog and a door without a glass.

The clip was originally shared by Twitter user Clayton Cubitt and later re-posted by Mahindra.

“Sometimes the only thing stopping you from progress is your attachment to a previous conceptual framework,” reads the original caption of the post shared by Twitter user Cubitt. “No better way of illustrating our addiction to habit…The most valuable skill in business today is knowing how to break free,” wrote the business tycoon.


The video opens to show a dog standing behind a door without a glass. A person standing outside the door calls the dog to come outside. However, instead of going out the animal attempts to open the door by trying to push the glass without realising that it is missing.

In the background, people can be heard laughing. One of the people even says “This is hilarious”. Eventually, a man standing beside the dog opens the door, letting the animal go outside.

Take a look at this interesting video:

The clip, since being shared, has been viewed over 8.7 lakh times. It has also received a ton of comments. “Great symbolic representation,” wrote one Twitter user. “Quite wise, quite wise!,” commented another. “So innocent and lovely… what a share!!,” posted a third.


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