Anderson Cooper Marvelled at How his Son, Wyatt, had a thing for his feet

During his appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, Anderson Cooper marveled at how his son, Wyatt, had a thing for his feet. A lot of the boy’s images show off his cute appendages.

During Monday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Anderson Copper, 54, discussed his son Wyatt Morgan, 17-months-old.

The “Anderson Cooper 360°” host welcomed the little boy through surrogacy in April 2020 and is currently co-parenting him with his ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani, 48.

When asked by host Ellen DeGeneres how Wyatt is doing, Cooper revealed the boy was doing well, while a photo of Wyatt with his parents appeared on a screen showing him barefoot. Seemingly noticing the trend for the first time, the news anchor added:

“I’m not sure why he’s always showing off his feet, I’m not sure why, but there it is.”

Cooper also shared how the little boy seemed to have a love for anything that had to do with feet and that one of Wyatt’s first words was “shoes.” DeGeneres noted that the boy had a thing for feet.

The CNN anchor explained that he’d just made that same connection himself. The television personality also noted how his son was starting to learn to talk and was into characters.

Cooper also revealed that he didn’t know what to call Wyatt’s other father, Maisani, and called him his ex. The former couple ended things two years before their son was born in 2018.

College would be paid for, but the boy [Wyatt Morgan] would need to make his own way after that.

In the middle of September 2021, the star opened up about co-parenting with his ex while being interviewed for the cover of People. He revealed that the process was “awesome.”

Copper admitted that their setup was strange, but he’d known his ex-boyfriend would make a great father. Besides being exes, the journalist shared how they were family and loved each other.

He confessed that, at times, they did argue like anyone who had children. They would clash on things like when Wyatt should attend his swimming classes or whether he should wear overalls.

However, Cooper and Maisani found ways to make it work and are clearly succeeding. For his part, Maisani revealed that his ex-boyfriend was now quite different as a father, as he was much more relaxed and happy.

During a “Morning Meeting” podcast, Cooper also confessed he wouldn’t leave his son a monetary inheritance. College would be paid for, but the boy would need to make his own way after that.


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