Anderson Cooper Talks About His Family & How His New Book Helped Him Grow

Anderson Cooper has racked up quite the fortune in his career with no help from his formerly wealthy family. The broadcast journalist opens up about the fallen Vanderbilt dynasty he was born into in a new book. 

Anderson Cooper has been active on the air since 1990, giving him just over thirty years of experience in the industry. As a result, the seasoned broadcaster reportedly earns an estimated $12 million a year from CNN alone.

Cooper also recently welcomed his first son and gets to share his fortunes with him. However, the famous political commentator will not be leaving his millions behind for his son to inherit after his family experience.

Cooper has been vocal about not leaving children an inheritance even before he was a father. The 54-year-old broadcast journalist even once told Howard Stern that large inheritances are a curse.

Now, Cooper is repeating his sentiments as a father to baby Wyatt. However, this time, he is taking a deep dive into his family history to explain why he is so opposed to leaving his son a large sum of money.

Cooper grew up as the son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, who earned her fortune from her great-great-grandfather’s inheritance. Cornelius Vanderbilt amassed his millions through railroad and shipping empires.

When Vanderbilt passed away in 1877, he left behind the equivalent of $2.5 billion in today’s currency. Unfortunately, his heirs recklessly blew the millions of dollars and left the dynasty worthless as a result.

Recently, Cooper has been looking into his infamous family and penned a book on the dynasty’s fall from grace. The broadcaster told People Magazine that he wrote the text as a letter to his son.

Additionally, the lessons he learned while writing about his family’s history also inspired him on how to raise Wyatt. Cooper explained that seeing his family members’ financial struggles forged his way of thinking:

“​​I from a very young age… was very aware of, ‘This is not me. This is not something my mom has, or this is money that my mom has, but it’s not money I’m going to have, and I need to forge my own way,’”

Although Cooper’s experience with his family’s financial struggles has made him against an inheritance, he insists he will still provide for his son. However, he explains that will be in the form of paying for his college tuition.

Cooper’s heiress turned fashion designer mother did the same for him when he was younger. Gloria Vanderbilt directly experienced losing her family’s fortune, which influenced how she raised her son.

Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt attend the "Nothing Left Unsaid" premiere, April 2016 | Source: Getty Images

Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt attend the “Nothing Left Unsaid” premiere, April 2016 | Source: Getty Images

Cooper also learned something from his dad when it comes to raising his son. The CNN anchor revealed that a book his father wrote and left behind before his death inspired him to do the same for his own son.

Although 18-month-old Wyatt will not have a pot of gold waiting for him, he certainly does have plenty of love in the present. Cooper’s book on his family history is also a great legacy to leave behind for his offspring.


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