Andy Murray pictured looking glum as he trains without his wedding ring

Andy Murray has been spotted looking glum at tennis practice after his wedding ring and trainers were stolen in California.

Earlier today, the 34-year-old revealed he had his tennis shoes and wedding ring stolen in a bizarre mishap at a hotel which resulted in him being in the ‘bad books’ with his wife Kim Sears.

On his Instagram story, Andy originally from Dunblane, told his followers that he had attempted to air out his worn tennis shoes to stop them from smelling and placed them under his car all night.

Andy is currently in California and gearing up for the Indian Wells tournament.

After retiring to his hotel room, the following day Andy went back to retrieve his shoes and realised that they had been stolen at some point in the night.

It wasn’t until his physio asked where his wedding ring was that he realised it was also missing – and remembered that it was tied to the shoe laces because he can’t wear it while he plays.

Andy put out an appeal on social media

He said: “As I was preparing for my practise, my physio said to me ‘where’s your wedding ring’ and I was like ‘oh no’,”

Andy continued: “I basically tie my wedding ring to my tennis shoes because I can’t play with it on, so yeah, my wedding ring has been stolen as well.

Andy Murray during a practice session without wedding band

“Needless to say I am in the bad books at home, so I want to try and find it.

Andy Murray reveals he's lost his tennis shoes and wedding ring with one mistake
Andy Murray reveals he’s lost his tennis shoes and wedding ring with one mistake

“If anyone can share this, or may have any clue to where they might be it would be very helpful so I can try to get it back and get to the bottom of this.”

Murray appears to have learnt his lesson as he captioned the video on Instagram: “Yes I know I’m an idiot and in hindsight it seems like a terrible idea but I need some help.

“What should the reward be for getting it back? #ring #shoes #idiot #help #clown”

Andy had to go out and buy a new pair of shoes to practice in and fans quizzed the tennis star on why he only had one pair of trainers with him and he took to Instagram to say he actually had three.

The star had to go out and buy new shoes

He wrote: “To all the people asking…I didn’t only bring 1 pair of tennis shoes with me..I travelled with 3 pairs to California..Ileft 2 pairs underneath the car and the 3rd pair is worn out from San Diego matches and practice.”

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Fans rushed to the comments of the video to share their thoughts on Andy’s unfortunate situation.

One fan commented: “I wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes Andy!”

Another replied: “Can everyone be on the lookout for Andy’s smelly ring please?”

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