Angelina Jolie’s Kids Begging Her To Eat After Recent Weight Loss?

Angelina Jolie Starving Herself To Cope With Stress?

This week, Star reports Angelina Jolie is frightfully thin as she cuts down on meals as a way of coping with the stress of her ongoing custody battle. The magazine insists her struggle to eat a full meal isn’t about keeping slim. “This is not about staying thin for vanity,” an insider spills to the tabloid, “It’s about stress.” According to the source, her appetite goes out the window when she’s stressed, and it’s starting to jeopardize her health.

“Angelina survived on half-portions of salad and bowls of fruit,” dishes the source, “Her kids hare seeing her so thin. When Angie gets anxious or upset, she has a very hard time eating. As a result, she did drop a lot of weight.” But the outlet insists Jolie’s children are done watching her pick at her food. “The kids have been pushing her to eat,” the snitch explains, “They order take-out and insist she finish her whole portion. Angelina hated that she’s causing them to worry. Her goal is to gain 10 pounds by the end of summer.”

Angelina Jolie Setting Weight-Gain Goal?

So, is it true Jolie is trying to gain weight at her kids’ request? We seriously doubt it. First of all, the outlet fails to give evidence for her alleged weight loss. In the picture the tabloid provides, Jolie looks as she always has. Jolie has always cut a very slim figure, and she looks no different now than she always has. If Jolie has suffered some significant weight loss in the past few months or so, it doesn’t show.

Besides, Jolie seems to be doing just fine. The actress was just spotted on a sweet mother-son dinner date with her 17-year-old son, Pax. Not to mention, the Maleficent actress looked carefree on her recent trip to Italy. She was pictured joyfully dancing on a rooftop and, later sitting down for a luxury french dinner aboard a train. While custody battles are undoubtedly tough, Jolie seems to be setting aside time to treat and take care of herself. It’s clear the outlet had no other intention for this report than to criticize Jolie’s appearance, which means none of its claims should be taken seriously.

A Worn-Out Story For The Tabloids

When are the tabloids going to drop this narrative? Magazines have been making up stories about Jolie starving herself for years now despite there being no evidence. Back in 2017, Star alleged the Tomb Raider actress weighed less than her 11-year-old daughter. Then the very same tabloid claimed Jolie had dropped to a frightening 73 pounds. Then the outlet claimed Jolie was anorexic. And the National Enquirer gave a go at the story in 2019 by claiming Jolie’s kids were begging her to eat. All of these stories were just as baseless, making us wonder when the tabloids are going to give this narrative up.

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