Anger sparked after woman demoted from being maid of honour as she’s ‘too fat’

TikTok star Lia said that her cousin had initially asked her to be the maid of honour for her wedding, but then demoted her to bridesmaid because she had ‘no control over her diet’

TikTok star Lia said that her cousin demoted her from being maid of honour for being too ‘fat’

A woman was demoted from being the maid of honour at her cousin’s wedding – because she was ‘too fat’.

TikTok star Lia, @liainlouisiana, shared a text message exchange with her cousin in a video, where she sat eating a burger with the messages displayed in the background.

In the messages, Lia accuses her cousin, Alejandra, of demoting her to bridesmaid because she’s ‘fat’, to which the relative replies ‘yes, because you don’t have any control over yourself to go on a diet’.

Lia’s video soon went viral with over 100,000 views and people flooded the comment section with messages of support, saying that Alejandra had been too harsh.

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In the messages, Alejandra said: “You know the bridesmaid group is not a therapy group.”

To which Lia replies: “Are you embarrassed?”

Alejandra: “Of what? Of telling you to go on a diet? No. It’s my wedding.”

Lia: “Alejandra, you demoted me from maid of honour because I’m fat.”

Alejandra: “Yes. Because you don’t have any control over yourself to go on a diet. I like people with discipline.

Lia shared the text message exchange on TikTok



Many people rushed to Lia’ defence, saying her cousin was out of line



“You are still a bridesmaid, I’m going to sleep. Goodnight.”

Lia’s video, which was captioned ‘Chick-fil-A after this text exchange with my cousin’ received hundreds of comments in the first few days it was online, and many people thought Alejandra had been unkind.

One user said: “I see you excusing her behaviour in replies so I just want you to know there is absolutely no justification to be treated like this. Especially by fam.”

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And another said: “This enables it too, acting like this is normal or okay for friends to do this?

“You don’t deserve that, regardless if y’all are close or not.”

“I can see how understanding and compassionate you are” added a third user. “But I am begging you to see that she has no respect for you and not to just take it.”

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