Angry Karen Swings at Neighbor’s Ring Camera


Phil West


Published Sep 13, 2021   Updated Sep 13, 2021, 6:42 pm CDT

A Karen, angry with her TikToker apartment complex neighbor, swung what appeared to be a flexible weight at the TikToker’s Ring camera in a 4 am tirade, which the TikToker shared in what is now a viral video.

The video is courtesy of TikToker @mikki.shae, who has drawn more than 2.2 million Karen-gawking views to the video in its first four days on the platform. As the TikToker noted in text accompanying the 36-second video, the Karen was mad at the TikToker for making noise, and when the TikToker ignored her, that fueled the fire. The hashtag #crazyass also summed up the TikToker’s assessment of the Karen’s behavior.

The video starts with a Ring-eye view of the Karen angrily approaching the door. The on-screen caption describes some of what’s going on, with the TikToker noting, “I’m getting ready to leave and this is what I wake up to. All I did was shut the sliding door and flush the toilet. Here comes angry Karen again smh.”

Another note below establishes the Karen’s mood: “She mad mad.”

The video then captures the Karen swinging the weight at the camera, then attempting to grab the Ring camera, then hitting it again. She then glowers in front of the door for a moment before trudging off, with another on-screen caption assessing, “She cray cray.”

Commenters generally agreed with the “cray cray” assessment. One respondent, creating an awesome portmanteau perhaps by accident, wrote, “Have her arrested for hatrashment. You got the video. They will remove her for acting like this toward neighbors.”

A few people seemed to think that the Karen was battering the camera with something slightly more flexible than a weight. “Is it just me or does she look like she’s smacking the camera with a … silicone friend?”

In a two-part story time sequence that followed, the TikToker relayed that the Karen lives downstairs from her and is apparently a light sleeper.

In part one, the TikToker maintained that her social gatherings at her apartment involve two guests maximum, some laughter, some music played at a relatively low volume, and maybe some dancing. But those have been enough for the Karen to complain and even call the police. She’s even shared the TikTok documenting the dancing in question.

In part two, after calling commenters out for calling her “ugly” on the part one video, she went on to explain that the viral video was captured on Ring as she was up early to go to the airport. The Karen banged on her ceiling with what the TikToker surmised was a broomstick before coming upstairs to become incredibly viral content.

As the creator noted with the video, “I hope she has a TikTok so she can see herself and how crazy she looks.”

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*First Published: Sep 13, 2021, 6:41 pm CDT

Phil West

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Phil West


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