Angry mum divides opinion for saying snorers should be BANNED from busy campsites after sleepless night

A FUMING mum has divided opinion after claiming people who snore should be banned from busy campsites.

The mum made the claim after she said she was unable to sleep due to the loud fellow camper.


A mum has divided opinion after claiming noisy sleepers should be banned from campsitesCredit: Alamy

Complaining on Mumsnet, she wrote: “Having finally managed to get to sleep on our mysteriously but persistently deflating air mattress someone in the field next door wakes me up making a noise like a food processor being turned on and off.

“I have young kids in the tent with me and older kids in the tent text door so I can’t wear ear plugs.

“It’s a family campsite so it’s not just me who won’t be able to wear ear plugs.

“Just don’t go camping near others if you snore.

“They must know they snore because they’re not pitched up alone, so their party must all have come prepared with earplugs.”

She asked if she was being unreasonable – and split opinion.

Some said they understood her being annoyed: “Agree with you. It’s inconsiderate to inflict so much noise on others at night, not much of a holiday for everyone who then has to deal with sleep deprivation.”

Another person added: “Sending sympathy (I’d go poke them myself).”

However, others didn’t agree that you could ban people for sleeping loudly.

One person sarcastically said: “Oh god. I snore. Always have done. I’ll remember to not do the things I love because of it though. Thanks for the reminder.”

Someone else said: “I’ve been camping loads of times and have heard multiple people snoring.

“If you’re camping I think you have to accept it isn’t going to be peaceful unfortunately.”

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Camping is often a noisy affair, although many online didn't agree with the angry mum


Camping is often a noisy affair, although many online didn’t agree with the angry mumCredit: Alamy
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