Angry mum tells woman to ‘cover up’ after she shows stomach while exercising

A woman was left fuming when a mum told her to “cover up” her stomach.

Hooping instructor and Guinness World Record holder Getti Kehayova, was filming for her social media pages when a stranger raged about her wearing a sports bra.

When she was performing an incredible “upside down hula hoop” at a park in Las Vegas, she was stopped by a mum who accused her of being “half naked”.

In a video filmed by a neighbour, Getti enlists her son to hold the phone for her while she hangs upside down from a monkey bar.

Inevitably, her vest flips down due to gravity and she shows a bit of her bare torso.

A mum stopped and told Getti should not wear revealing clothing at a park

Her actions infuriated a mum who was strolling in the park with a pram.

In the clip, she walks over to Getti and starts yelling: “This is bulls***, your whole shirt and bra are showing.

“Everybody around can see you – you are half naked right there!”

Getti asks the woman to stand back so that she can carry on hula hooping, adding: “Watch yourself, I’m trying to film.”

But the stranger says: “This is a place for family. You can’t be half naked up there.”

She said it was too 'obscene' for Getti to show her stomach
She said it was too ‘obscene’ for Getti to show her stomach

The mum rants and turns to Getti’s husband, asking: “Are you okay with this?”

“This is where kids play, this is a place for families. That is so obscene.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this in our neighbourhood park with almost no clothing. That is totally revealing.”

Getti gets down from the bars and confronts her, saying: “You’re wearing revealing clothing yourself.”

At this point, the woman grabs Getti’s hula hoop and throws it into a lamp post.

The woman took Getti's hula hoop and threw it across the park
The woman took Getti’s hula hoop and threw it across the park

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“You’re filming it for TikTok? How about this? Let me show you what you can do for a TikTok,” she yells.

She then added: “Find somewhere else to bare your belly.”

Getti and her husband give up on reasoning with her and decide to leave.

When she posted the video on her account, the fitness fan said she was “still shaken” by the incident.


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