Angry TikTok man goes viral for harassing beach-goers over “immodest” bathing suits

An unknown man has gone viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons after approaching a group of beach-goers and harassing them over their choice of attire.

It’s summer time, and for many people, that means breaking out the floaties and heading down to the beach for some much-needed sand, surf, and sun.

Unfortunately, a group of women enjoying their time on the beach were met with an uncomfortable situation after a man approached them to complain about their bathing suits.

The entire altercation was caught on video by TikToker ‘ggarbagefairy,’ showing several women dressed in beach attire as they relaxed on the sand while a man in shorts, a tanktop and a backwards baseball cap berated them over their choice of clothing.


Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

A group of beach-goers’ trip to the lake was interrupted by an angry man berating them over their choice of attire.

“Why are you dressed this way?” the man asked, prompting a collective outcry from the women he was addressing. “That’s a thong, and that’s a bra! Take young eyes into consideration, they don’t need to see ******* right in front of their eyes.”

“We’re not bothering you, please go away! I’m not flaunting anything, don’t look at me!” the women retorted.

“If men of God don’t stand up then our society is gonna go down the drain because there’s no morality,” the man continued, prompting one of the women to spout, “You’re so embarrassing!”

@ggarbagefairyPart 1###harrassement ##feminism #fuckmen♬ original sound – Mia

That was far from the end of the conversation; a second TikTok captures the rest of their interaction, where a third party entered the fray.

“There’s gonna come a day, where you’re gonna come face to face with God,” the man said before another woman interrupted the ongoing conversation.

“I want you guys to think about the fact that what you guys are doing here does matter to kids,” the woman stated. “I think you all know that. I’m not judging you. I have nothing to say as far as this goes, but cussing in front of my kids is where I draw the line.”

@ggarbagefairyPart 2♬ original sound – Mia

Thus far, both videos have racked up a collective 2 million views and have sparked a massive debate over the man’s purported problem with the girls’ beach attire and how the entire ordeal was handled.

Commenters across Reddit and TikTok alike have lambasted the man for harassing the women, who merely seemed to be enjoying a day at the beach.

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Reddit: r/PublicFreakout

The viral TikTok even found its way over to Reddit, where commenters were decidedly unamused by the stranger’s unprompted remarks.

For now, it looks like this unfortunate situation has resulted in a collective outrage over the mans’ actions, as much of the internet is decidedly not amused by his remarks.

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