Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 6 spoilers: The skate park job

Animal Kingdom season 3As we prepare for Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 6, we have on question: Are you ready for an old-school heist? These episodes are the ones we enjoy more than any other and this time around, there are some pretty high stakes. It could be the key to the Cody Boys getting back the fortune that Smurf left for Pamela.

Tonight’s episode largely served to set the stage for what’s coming up next. It allowed us to see what’s going to go into this heist, which involves plucking a safe out of a very populated skate park. This isn’t going to be easy, but hilariously we did see a safe flying through a window in the trailer for the season. When are we going to see that? It better be in this episode.

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Below, you can check out the full Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 6 synopsis, which gives you a good sense of what’s ahead for Pope, as well:

Tensions rise as Deran, J, and Craig do a job that risks everything the family has; Pope goes to the desert trying to outrun his grief.

We’ve noted already that Pope’s storyline is going to be interesting moving forward — we know that Shawn Hatosy is not leaving the show, but he could be away from the rest of the cast for a little bit. It’s all based on how far he’s going to go to try and escape the pain. This should be a very interesting episode for him.

One other thing we should say here is pretty simple: We’re not sure we need a Smurf backstory this time around. They’re going to be important for understanding her bond with Pamela, but they don’t have to necessarily be a weekly thing.

What do you want to see moving into Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 6?

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