Anna Duggar and Josh Celebrate Their Anniversary – Did She Post About It?

On Sunday, September 26, Josh and Anna Duggar celebrated 13 years as husband and wife. The former TLC stars would typically hop online to post about this special day, but Anna has been quiet on social media since her husband’s arrest. So, did she finally resurface for this occasion?

Since Josh was arrested, much of the Duggar family has gone silent on social media. Though many of the family members have begun posting their regular content again, Anna has continued to be off the grid. She hasn’t even been pictured in any of her relatives’ photos since Josh’s arrest. But because an anniversary is a bigger deal than an everyday photo, fans wondered if she would finally post online.

Did Anna Duggar break her social media silence for her anniversary with Josh?

Anna’s last Instagram post was shared just days before her husband’s arrest. Since then, she hasn’t popped up on social media. And she didn’t end up breaking her social media silence for her anniversary. Her page has no new posts or stories.

It’s unclear if the pair did anything for their anniversary this year. Anna is allowed to visit Josh where he’s staying with his court-appointed legal guardians. Fans speculate that Anna could have given birth to their seventh child recently or that she will very soon. So, we don’t really know what’s going on with Josh, Anna, and the rest of the family.

Did Jim Bob and Michelle share about the special anniversary?

Often, Jim Bob and Michelle will share posts for their children’s and grandchildren’s birthdays, anniversaries, and more. But as of Monday afternoon, the Duggar parents still haven’t posted about their eldest son’s wedding anniversary.

Since Josh’s arrest, sources have come out and said that Jim Bob and Michelle are still supporting their son, despite his child pornography charges. Fans are wondering what will happen after his trial in November and whether Jim Bob and Michelle will continue to stand by his side. According to a source, Jim Bob wants to sweep this scandal under the rug. So, it certainly doesn’t sound like Josh is on bad terms with his parents.

It’s possible that Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t post online because they knew a post about Josh would get lots of negative attention.

So, are you surprised to see that Anna didn’t break her social media silence for her anniversary? Did you think that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar might post for Josh and Anna Duggar’s anniversary? Let us know in the comments below.

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