Anna Duggar purchased new home ahead of Josh Duggar’s April arrest

Anna Duggar bought land ahead of Josh Duggar’s arrest. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar may be more intelligent than anyone gives her credit for after purchasing property and a mobile home just days before her husband, Josh Duggar, was arrested on child pornography charges.

She reportedly accompanied him to turn himself in as he allegedly rejected a plea deal that was offered ahead of his arrest. With that information, it is plausible to believe they knew what was to come, and the home and land purchase was a conscious effort to move them off the Duggar property and keep the media away from their six children.

This is an upgrade for the family as the eight of them lived in a warehouse structure on the big Duggar family compound. It was windless and featured time and time again on Anna’s Instagram as she documented their lives.

How did Anna Duggar purchase the property?

According to The Sun, Anna Duggar purchased the land and the mobile home under her LLC, Ravenglass North. It is a business in her name, and she bought it on April 22.

It isn’t a massive piece of land, and it was bought for a total of one dollar. That number is significant because Jim Bob Duggar often sells his properties to his children for that price. While the publication didn’t list who the seller was, it was likely her father-in-law in another bid to help his son and protect his family.

There weren’t details about how many bedrooms the mobile home has, but it has one full bathroom and a deck. This is likely where the kids and Anna have been staying since Josh’s arrest, since he is living with third-party custodians, Lacount and Maria Reber.

When will Anna Duggar deliver her seventh child?

It is baby watch time for Josh and Anna Duggar’s seventh child. She is welcoming another little girl any day now.

The couple announced they were expanding their family just days before Josh’s arrest. It was then that they also confirmed it was a little girl.

There hasn’t been a birth yet. Monday, Anna was spotted supporting her husband as they left a court appearance. The two were wearing smilies, which caught the attention of the media. It was also the first time Anna had been in public since the April arrest, which was interesting.

Whether Anna and the children have moved to the property is unknown, but they haven’t been spotted at the Duggar compound in months.


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