Another Day Another WILD Brawl Breaks Out At Kansas City Chiefs Game

Another day, another group of clowns brawling in the stands.

Honestly, it’s pretty pathetic how common this has been this year.

Whether it’s the NBA (shoutout “Suns in 4” guy), the Major Leagues, and especially the very young college and NFL football seasons, it seems like no matter where there is a sporting event, you can find a group loser throwing hands nearby.

And the truth is, it has nothing to do with sports rivalries.

Nope, nine times out of ten, it’s fans fighting their fellow fans.

We saw Browns fans chucking knucks at a Muni Lot tailgate last weekend, we saw Cowboys fans fighting each other outside of SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Rams fans going at each other (what is it with Los Angeles sports fans fighting?), and even college kids at Memphis.

And it’s only Week 3 in the NFL…

But this latest one among Kansas City Chiefs fans, I can’t even follow.

Let’s roll the tape:

The video kicks off with the youngest guy in the group seemingly picking himself off the ground, or maybe he’s just standing up… who knows?

It’s hard to really tell what the argument is about, but the guy with his wife’s sunglasses on throws a punch at the dad who is seemingly trying to deescalate the situation. Granted, we can’t really hear what anyone was saying, it’s pretty obvious which guys were looking for a fight.

And yeah, fights happen, but where this really gets messed up is the dude in the red hat, who seems to have nothing to do with this fight, running in from behind and sucker punching the old man.

Like, what the fuck, dude?

Just waiting for a fight to break out so you can run in and start sucker punching people? What kind of coward acts like that? I find it hard to believe he was the low ground with the other guys and somehow ran up, around and behind the group of dads.

But after sucker punching the old dude, he starts swinging on the other guys from behind until one of the big dudes wraps him up from and pulls him away.

But for Santa Claus lookin’ dude, the damage was done.

After taking the sucker punch from the scumbag in the red hat, the camera turns back to him on his back, completely unconscious, just eating fists from the punk ass who started the whole thing.

I mean, we saw Mahomes lose the game for the Chiefs with a pretty bad interception late in the game, but this brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “the Chiefs beat themselves.”

Here’s another angle:


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