Antarctica mystery as Google Earth users spot bizarre ‘dome’ and ‘entrance’ in ice

Weird Google Earth images appear to show a giant “dome” rammed in the ice and it’s sent conspiracy theorists wild.

At the coordinates 66 36 14 S 99 43 40 E the strange shape is clearly visible among the rock and snow in the hostile continent.

Footage of the oddity was uploaded on the YouTube channel of MrMBB333 who regularly shares weird sightings and strange natural phenomena.

He says: “You can see what looks like a dome in this area here, kind of on its side, or quite possibly a disc of some sort.

“I look at it as a vent of some sort, and this is possibly a large disc that is wedged in the ground.”

The ‘dome’ as seen on Google Earth

He then pans over to a second rock formation.

“Over here to the right is what looks like another opening in the ground or snow and ice,” he continues.

“It looks like a large square next to the round dome.”

The video was watched 40,000 times since it was uploaded on Sunday (October 3) and many people were puzzled by the strange dome, although others shared their own wacky beliefs about what it might be.

A 'large square' was also discovered near the 'dome'
A ‘large square’ was also discovered near the ‘dome’

One viewer commented: “Ancient gigantic structures and giants themselves that have turned to rock by being mudrocked or petrified.

“It’s usually just a small part of something way, way bigger.”

A second person wrote: “Those are locked doors we put there to keep the monsters underground!”

“The fallen angels (aliens) have always been living underground,” said a third viewer.

Someone else commented: “I remember the day our government took a seed from every plant, fruit, vegetable and buried them in a large cave with a cemented door and sealed it in Antarctica in the early 1960s.

“Does anyone else remember it?”

Daily Star was able to find the “dome” after entering the coordinates in Google Earth, but we haven’t got the foggiest idea what it could be either.

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