Anti-flatulence bedding filters away fart smells

A new anti-flatulence bedding filters away bad smells to improve people’s experience.

A bed

Shreddies – the brand behind anti-flatulence underwear – have announced the innovative bedding that contains carbon panels that trap pongy parps and help those with excessive farts to sleep.

The company says that The Flatulence Filtering Duvet Cover traps gas before it escapes the duvet and makes its way to someone’s nostrils.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Both products use the same technology found in our award-winning underwear, the highly porous carbon acts as an adsorbent which attracts and traps flatulence odours and is simply reactivated when washed.

“These brand new products are the latest in a long line of successful odour eliminating products that Shreddies brand is known for including their patented underwear, undershorts, cushions and odour eliminating bags.”

Shreddies say that the average person passes wind between 14 and 20 times per day but some have excessive gas at night because they are lying down.


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