Anti-masker ‘pees’ on Dairy Queen counter in viral Facebook video

If there’s one thing you don’t want to see when you’re picking up your dinner, it’s someone urinating in front of you.

Unfortunately for customers at a Dairy Queen fast food restaurant in Canada, that’s precisely the sight that  greeted them on Friday night.

Facebook user Graham Hughes shared a recording of the unseemly (and unsanitary) display which apparently took place at the chain’s Port Alberni branch in British Columbia.

Posting the video to the social media platform, he wrote in a caption: “Dude legit just pulled his d*** out and peed on the floor because he was asked to wear a mask… Stay classy, Anti-maskers.”

Please note: this footage contains strong language:

The recording shows the culprit at the restaurant counter arguing with a staff member who tells him she can’t serve him unless he puts on a face covering.

It then cuts to a second clip in which workers can be heard shrieking, as the man appears to unzip his trousers and carry out the stomach-churning deed.

One employee can be heard shouting: “He’s doing it! He’s p***ing on the f***ing counter!”

Turning, as he zips his flies back up, he yells back: “F***ing psychopaths,” and walks off.

Hughes told HuffPost that his friend had filmed the shocking incident but didn’t want to post it on their own Facebook page for professional reasons.

“This is one of those moments you usually only see in America,” the Canadian told the news site. “You never see it at home in Port Alberni.”

He said another friend, who works at the Dairy Queen, told him the offending customer later tried – unsuccessfully – to place his order through the drive-thru.

The man then returned the following night and threatened to kill everyone, they alleged.

The man reportedly returned to the restaurant and threatened staff

(Graham Hughes/Facebook)

Sergeant Chris Manseau of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told local broadcaster CTV News that he hoped the accused’s behaviour wouldn’t start a trend.

“This is the first incident of this nature,” he said, adding, “I think people should just wear their masks and be safe and be polite.”

So far, no one has been arrested in relation to the repulsive episode, according to HuffPost.

Anyone with additional footage of the customer is urged to contact local authorities.

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