Anti-masker tries to rip mask in half in viral TikTok – and the mask wins

A viral clip has been making the rounds on TikTok which shows the awkward moment an anti-masker tries to rip a mask in half and fails miserably.

The short clip posted by @meidastouch) read: “This anti-masker tried to tear a mask in half at an anti-masker rally.”

While the political stance of the man and attendees is unclear, the unidentified man is filmed on stage holding a mask in front of a supportive cheering crowd.

In a desperate attempt to tear the mask, he becomes increasingly forceful but still fails. One TikTok user jokes that he “definitely popped a blood vessel”, while another pokes fun that he was about to “rip his pants, let alone the mask.”

Despite his immense efforts, the mask was undefeatable and won.

Fellow TikTokers flocked to the video in hysterics, with one questioning why he didn’t have a rehearsal before the rally: “Why wouldn’t he just try that at home, to make sure?”

Another raised the valid point of what anti-maskers gain from such a thing, “Why do they put so much energy into this? It’s ridiculous. Just put the mask on. They make such a big deal out of nothing.”

The viral clip has since received over 100K views


One made a correlation between those in attendance and Trump supporters, suggesting that the video epitomises fans of the former president, “Trumpies in a nutshell. All muscle, no brains.”

“The mask was like ‘you can’t fight the truth Kevin’”, another joked.

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