Antiques Road Trip expert’s jaw drops as toy rattle makes huge profit

ANTIQUES Road Trip specialists James Braxton and Irita Marriott were left feeling rattled on the latest episode of the hit BBC show.

The duo were travelling through Kent and were left stunned when a small toy rattle sold for a large amount at auction.


An Antiques Road Trip expert was stunned when a toy rattle made a staggering profit
The rattle went for £400 at auction after being bought for £25


The rattle went for £400 at auction after being bought for £25

Pottering around an antique shop, magpie James spied something shiny.“This is rather an interesting fellow,” he said, picking up a small rattle.

Taking a closer inspection, the expert mused: “All that glitters is gold. In this case, it isn’t gold though. A brass Indian babies rattle.

“So, it’s got an incorporated whistle and at the other end here you often had a semi-precious stone, maybe coral, possibly jade, something like that.

“It was known sometimes as a baby’s rattle or teether,” he added.

Deciding that the intriguing item could be worth a bob or two, James struck up a bargain with the antique shop owner, buying the rattle for £25.

At an auction later on with several items, James and Irita found the baby rattle was attracting the most interest.

“Oh my god, fantastic!” Irita excitedly said as the bids began at £80, meaning James was already guaranteed a profit.

As the bids quickly surpassed £160, James said: “I mean, what’s happened to me?” “Wow,” he added, stunned as the rattle soon attracted a stunning £360 bid.

After a long bidding war, the rattle eventually sold for £400, securing James a tidy profit of £375.

It was revealed that the antique had been sold to a buyer in Belgium, with James remarking: “It’s amazing.”

“I mean it was a spectacular thing,” Irita added, as James nodded in agreement.

Antiques Road Trip airs weekdays at 4:30 pm on BBC One.

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