Antiques Roadshow guest ‘shook to the ground’ by staggering value of dad’s unique 48-blade penknife

AN ANTIQUES Roadshow guest admitted he was “shook to the ground” as the staggering value of his dad’s unique 48-blade penknife was revealed.

Expert Marc Allum was on hand to dish out the good news as he examined the 19th century piece during Sunday’s episode of the BBC show.


An Antiques Roadshow guest was left shocked at the value of his penknife
The rare piece was discovered to be from the 19th century


The rare piece was discovered to be from the 19th century

In the surroundings of Dyffryn Gardens, Marc’s enthusiasm for the penknife was clear as he heard the story of how the rare artefact had been passed on to the owner from his dad.

Discussing its origins, Marc explained it would have been “an exhibition piece” and not made for everyday use.

He commented: “It was primarily made just to show how good the particular manufacturing company was because obviously, this is a 48-blade multi-tool.

“Now, I say blades because of course, there is a massive variety of different tools on this. There’s everything from scissors, to gun cartridge remover, a bone saw… I mean the sky is the limit with this really.”

Marc added: “While this item has 48-blades, they actually made them with up to 100 blades at a time and sometimes even 200 blades.”

As the surprised owner took in the information, Marc further revealed he’d found a maker’s mark on the item, showing it was made in Sheffield and further increasing the value of the penknife.

“I know it’s very personal to you, and I know it was your father’s – but the market for these is very, very, strong,” declared the expert.

“It’s also very strong in America, where they adore these multi-tools…

“If this were to go into auction, I can see this easily making two-to-three thousand pounds.”

Clearly shocked by the figure, the owner gasped and said: “Oh gracious me.

“That’s amazing, that’s absolutely shocked me! It really has shocked me to the ground.”

Antiques Roadshow airs Sunday, 8pm on BBC One.

Expert Marc Allum was on hand to share the good news


Expert Marc Allum was on hand to share the good news
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