Anushka Nishabdham Movie Release date on Amazon Prime OTT – To be released in five different languages


By the looks of it, Nishabdham is regarded as one of the most anticipated films in the country. The thriller will feature Anushka Shetty as well as Madhavan as the lead actor. In addition to this, the film comes from the mind of Hemant Madhukar, and as the highly-anticipated thriller-horror film’s release date has been postponed multiple times.

Due to the continuity of the lockdown, Shakuntala was released major OTT platforms, hence Nishabdham is also following the same suit as Shakuntala. The makers of Nishabdham have reportedly sold the film for ₹26 crores to the streaming platform Amazon Prime.

Release Date of Nishabdham on Amazon Prime

The official announcement reportedly suggests that Nishabdham is going to release in five distinctive languages on Amazon Prime such as Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, English, and Tamil.

Moreover, the film marks the second-time collaboration of Madhavan and Anushka Shetty. The duo was last seen in motion film Rendu around 13 years ago, and Sundar C has directed Rendu.

About Nishabdam

TG Vishwaprasand and Kona Venkat have collectively produced the most-anticipated horror-thriller film. Additionally, Gopi Sunder has left the music expertise whereas Shaneil Deo helms the role of the director of photography of the film. Prawin Pudi has lent his editorial skills in Nishabdam whereas the costume designer of the film is Neeraja Kona.

The trailer of Nishabdam received positive feedback from the audience. Moreover, everyone across the country is waiting to see Madhavan and Anushka together after over a decade. Michael Madsen, the famed actor of Kill Bill will be seen as the police investigator in the film.


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