Apex Legends is Growing Thanks to Call of Duty: Warzone’s Mistakes

To be honest, it hasn’t been a perfect update. New Legend Seer is probably a bit too strong at the moment, there are a couple of guns that probably need to be tweaked, and the game’s servers have been taking a beating lately. Apex Legends absolutely has issues that developer Respawn still needs to address.

At the moment, though, it is a very exciting game. Along with the usual array of new season unlockables, a new Legend to play with, and the traditional ranked mode reset, Apex Legends‘ Season 10 update smartly builds upon some of the game’s best recent improvements (such as the addition of an Arena mode). The result so far has been an update that honestly feels like the best time to jump into Apex Legends since the game took the gaming world by storm over two years ago.

Apex Legends Owns a Battle Royale Gameplay “Sweet Spot”

One of the best things about the battle royale genre is that multiple developers have found ways to carve a niche for themselves within the basic battle royale concept. Are you looking for third-person combat, a ton of personality, and crafting-based gameplay? Try Fortnite. Do you want a quicker first-person shooter? Give Warzone a shot. Do you prefer a slow and methodical battle royale game that feels closer to a horror movie? There’s always PUBG.

As for Apex Legends…well, it’s kind of a combination of various battle royale concepts. It’s much faster than PUBG, but it’s a touch slower than a game like Warzone in a way that really makes you consider positioning and tactics. It’s got a crafting system and Legends with a ton of personality, but it’s ultimately still a first-person shooter that emphasizes positioning, aim, and other basic genre concepts.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Apex Legends is the best of all worlds. If anything, it sometimes tries hard to combine too many ideas. However, Apex Legends does offer a unique battle royale experience that speaks to a lot of people who can’t find all of the things it does well anywhere else. As an alternative, it has a little something for everybody.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Cheater Problem Is Simply Absurd

We’ve discussed this before, but Call of Duty: Warzone has a bit of a cheater problem. The game’s lack of a third-party anti-cheat system, Activision’s reliance on mysterious internal reviews, and the title’s free-to-play status mean that it is regularly overrun with cheaters who find ways to create new accounts even after they’ve been banned. Activision will occasionally mention that they’ve banned another batch of 100,000+ cheaters, but that of course means there are still that many cheaters in the game to ban.

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