Apple TV Ending ‘Pitch Perfect’ Star’s Comedy Series in Season 3

Apple TV+’s dramedy Dickinson is coming to an end with the upcoming third season. Starring Pitch Perfect‘s Hailee Steinfeld in a modern and unconventional take on American poet Emily Dickinson’s life, Dickinson has been one of the streaming service’s most underrated shows. The trailer for the third and final season was released on Thursday, showing the start of the Civil War, and it will premiere on November 5.

Dickinson has shown the life of the famous poet with a twist, incorporating modern language and sensibilities into the period setting. It has also had some genius guest casting, including John Mulaney as Henry David Thoreau, Nick Kroll as Edgar Allen Poe, and Zosia Mamet as Louisa May Alcott. That will continue In season 3 with Billy Eichner as Walt Whitman, Ziwe as Sojourner Truth, and Chloe Fineman as Syliva Plath. Season two ended with Emily and her best friend and sister-in-law Sue (Ella Hunt) finally acting on their romantic feelings, which is sure to reverberate through the upcoming episodes.

Showrunner Alena Smith opened up to Collider in January, opening up about the complicated relationship between the two women. “Thanks to the work of diversity scholars, we know now that Emily’s central partner in life was her friend and then sister-in-law Sue, to whom she wrote hundreds of beautiful love letters and poems,” Smith explained. “They live next door to each other in these two houses that you can still go visit. If you go visit the Dickinson homestead in Amherst, you can visit The Evergreens, which was Austin and Sue’s house next door. So, their love story is very complicated.”

“On the one hand, you can see it as this beautiful, committed partnership that lasted over decades, and another way you can see it is absolutely doomed,” Smith continued. “As our director Silas Howard has said, ‘If you want unrequited love, you can’t do better than falling in love with your brother’s wife.’ By all accounts, Sue was a pretty complicated and, in some ways, difficult person, and obviously Emily Dickinson was not exactly a simple creature herself. These two complicated women, struggling and eternally bound up in each other’s psyches, are really compelling and intriguing to me, and a story where there’s always a new side of it to explore.” Seasons one and two of Dickinson are currently streaming on Apple TV+.

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