Aquarius weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for September 26


JAN 21 – FEB 18

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You have a love-style that’s one in a million

With unique moon insight into expanding skills to a wider audience, maybe worldwide, you are set for a week of surprises. 

Not least the familiar “W” face that suddenly starts looking like a passion prospect. 

With Jupiter fun and Saturn finesse both in your personality zone,  you can make any project fly. 

And you have a love-style that’s one in a million.

DESTINY DAYS: Work out even the toughest instructions on Tuesday.

Rescue a budget on Thursday, no matter how out of control. 

A free sample can start a love quest on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS:  Dark green vehicles or paintwork. 

A date that’s been rearranged twice.  A local face in a national location.

CUDDLE UP COUPLE UP:  Having Venus heading for your zone of endings may not seem a positive passion path – but for you, this autumn, it is just

If you’re single and part of your heart is still stuck in the past, then this can change. 

When you feel free to love again as your whole, wonderful self – a gorgeous Pisces will  be waiting. 

In existing bonds, Venus helps you draw a line under the past and look forward.

So two people are united in commitment to turning at least one shared dream into reality.

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