Archer, Fargo: FX Chief John Landgraf Optimistic About Additional Seasons

Deadline revealed that the death of actress Jessica Walter will have an impact on the latter show’s future. New members have been added to the creative team, and they are working on finding a way for the animated series to move forward without the “irreplaceable” actress.

He said the following:

“That was a very close-knit group so losing Jessica was a big loss but I think creatively, they are trying to figure out a way to proceed forward.”

As for Fargo, series creator Noah Hawley has expressed his own desire to work on another season of the series, but he has his focus on another series for FX – the Alien series which will bring the creatures to earth in 2023.

Landgraf said the following about Fargo returning to FX, per Deadline:

“That’s really up to Noah. I’m optimistic that he’ll want to do another. He’s very focused on Alien right now. We do continue to talk about it, and he expressed positive sentiment toward making another season, so that gives me optimism.”

What do you think? Are you a fan of Archer on FXX or Fargo on FX? Do you want to see both shows return?


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