Are Aimee and Dillon From ‘Floribama Shore’ Still Together?

Although Aimee and Dillon are still together now, it wasn’t always an easy road to get here. They first started dating in the summer of 2019, but later that year, they split up because Dillon cheated on Aimee. She shared this saga with her social media followers and said she’d release a video with more info on YouTube but then never made the video.

Because of this, a lot of followers accused her of making the story up, but Aimee assured them that some things changed and she decided against airing out all her qualms publicly. She and Dillon actually decided to work things out and got back together.

She explained in a Twitter video, “If you are a person and you can say you have never forgave somebody who did you wrong, you are a motherf–king liar okay? We’re not perfect. I’m not perfect, he’s not perfect, we both did some f–ked up s–t that just wasn’t right.”

In past seasons of Floribama Shore, Aimee gushed about Dillon, and the two always seemed very happy together. Their only troubles were offscreen — before dating, Dillon was in jail (although we don’t know for what), and he had some trouble with drugs.

But he claims to be on the straight and narrow now, and if his social media is any indication, he’s very in love with Aimee. And we love it. Will Dillon play more of a role this season of Floribama Shore?

Tune into new episodes of Floribama Shore every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.


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