Are Carlin & Erin Feuding Over Their Pregnancies?!

There are two new Bringing Up Bates babies on the way, since Carlin Stewart and Erin Paine are both pregnant! The sisters announced their pregnancies within a week of each other. Carlin is pregnant with her second baby and is due in 2022. Erin is expecting her fifth baby and will give birth in January.

Due to the timing of Carlin’s announcement so close to her sister Erin’s, fans are wondering if the two sisters are on bad terms. Some think that they are fighting, while others are thinking that Carlin was trying to steal her sister’s moment.

Carlin Bates Instagram

On Instagram, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball sparked a conversation about Erin and Carlin potentially feuding with each other. She wrote, “Am I the only one that thinks Carlin Bates rushed to make her pregnancy announcement because Erin just announced hers?!”

In her post, Katie also pointed out that Carlin is in her first trimester and that she knows the Bates girls are competitive.

In the comments section of her post, her followers are discussing the situation. One user writes, “She wants all the attention. To me it seems like she wants to be the center of attention all the time.” Someone else chimes in, “Carlin loves the lime light. Of course she had to rush the announcement! I agree with you.” Another adds, “What a weird way to compete with your sisters and sister-in-laws 😂” 

Carlin Bates may have had no choice but to announce her pregnancy.

It’s possible that Carlin felt like she had to announce her pregnancy right away. As we reported, shortly before she announced she’s expecting, she and Evan uploaded a vlog to their YouTube channel. In the vlog, Carlin is wearing a Sea-Band, which is meant to help with nausea. So, fans immediately began asking if she was pregnant.

In Katie’s comments section, one user mentions this, writing, “There was so much noise about it that it pressured her into feelings like she had no choice but to publicly announce it.”

There have been several other hints that Carlin might be expecting, including her saying how tired she was, taking a break from social media, and talking about her baby fever a few months ago.

So, do you think that there could be some type of feud happening between Carlin and Erin Bates? Or do you think Carlin had another reason to announce her pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below.

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