Are Juliette Porter and Sam Logan From ‘Siesta Key’ Still Together?

The slow-burn, on-again, off-again relationship between Alex Kompothecras and Juliette Porter was once a staple Siesta Key, but once Season 4 rolled around, fans watched Juliette’s new love with Sam Logan play out. With Season 4 now behind the cast members, where does their relationship stand today? Are Juliette and Sam still together?

Sam confirmed that he and Juliette were no longer together on Instagram.

Despite having over 200,000 followers on Instagram, Sam tends to update his account far less frequently than Juliette does. But he went pretty quiet after July 18, his last posting date, save for his Instagram stories. Weeks after he posted the snap of him and Juliette kissing on his 30th birthday, Sam answered a few fans in his comments, answers that revealed that he and Juliette had parted ways.

Source: Instagram

When a fan said, “I need to know if you and Juliette are still dating,” Sam simply said, “No.”

Ever since he confirmed the breakup, he’s been contending with comments excusing him of “flaunting” other girls on his Instagram stories and of trying to “make Juliette jealous,” but these are accusations that he firmly denies.

“I’m not trying hard to make anyone jealous I did that during my last breakup and it’s immature and dumb as hell. I’m literally just posting my life like every other person I’m single I’m allowed to do as I please,” he responded to one accuser. However, the accusations have unfortunately not lessened over time.

In fact, as Sam has posted other women on his Instagram stories, fans have argued that he’s not only attempting to flaunt going out with new women but that he’s actually partying with women who are too young for him. Sam took to his Instagram stories to set the record straight on Aug. 22. “Everyone please stfu,” he wrote. “I’m single Meghan is 21 I’ve been single for like a month these comments etc are insane and really hurtful please just stop I’m going through a breakup.”

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