Are Leah Messer’s Pregnancy Updates, Know The Insights!

These days, Teen Mom star Leah Messer is dancing to the joys of spring. It is because she has found her new suitor Jaylan Mobley. The two are seen having good times here and there. Numerous pictures of the two are getting viral, while they are enjoying the beach, having fun outings, and sharing love kisses.

It seems that Jaylan is pretty much keeping the Teen Mom fame content with life. The 29-year-old Leah started dating the 25-year-old Jaylan a few months back, and things seem to go positive so far for the couple.

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Moreover, Leah Messer has taken one step ahead and introduces her boyfriend to her daughters. The daughters have approved of Jaylan, and now they know who the man behind their mama’s novel smile is. Meanwhile, there are speculations about Leah’s pregnancy. Fans are skeptical if there is a new member in the row. Is she expecting another baby? Let us know what she has got to say about it.

Teen Mom: Leah Messer Clarifies About Her Pregnancy Rumors

The Teen Mom Celebutante, Leah Messer, went on to her Instagram after coming across the rumors of her pregnancy. She posted a GIF of a basketball player shaking his head on the tunes of Mood 4 Eva by Beyonce, Donald Glover, and JAY-Z. As The Sun reported, she cleared out that she is not pregnant, just BLOATED.

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The post seems to be quite funny, and this was a great humble and jokative manner for Leah to inform her fans that there is NO good news of pregnancy right now. As she is in a new relationship now, she might be willing to extend her family later. But right now, it seems that she wants to make the bonds more assertive with her man.

Jaylan is an Army Official who met Leah on ESPN projects. The two continued their meetings and officially became exclusive when they went for a vacation to Costa Rica. The Teen Mom star informs that Jaylan asked her to be his girlfriend

at a romantic sunset dinner. Thereafter, the two got hooked.

Leah Messer Tells That Her New Boyfriend Is Very Caring

When Teen Mom Leah Messer posted a picture on Instagram with Jaylan, many of her fans and followers were happy about it. Some of the co-stars also showed their delight towards Leah’s new move. On September 12, Leah again posed with Jaylan, and this accelerated the curiosity among the fans.

The much-awaited curiosity of the fans got some relief when she opened up about her relationship status. She said that she was in a relationship with the new mystery man, Jaylan. Moreover, she has admired her new lover with loads of good words.

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It would be interesting for the fans to know that Jaylan takes good care of the Teen Mom personality Leah. Praising him, she said, “He’s so compassionate, caring, patient, kind, thoughtful, has a great sense of humor, is adventurous, and LOVES kids. I swore he wasn’t real!”

We hope to see more of this new couple and the spark they carry. Do you think the new man in Leah’s life is worthy enough to be her soulmate? How did you find him? Let us know in the comment section.


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