Are Noah Schnapp And Millie Dating?

Noah Schnapp And Millie Updates: We have heard about news where co-stars often falling in love with each other. They often get married and start a new life.

Noah and Millie started their acting career at a very young age. Millie made her first debut when she was twelve and Noah when he was sixteen years old. Both of them met on the set of Netflix series, season 1 “Stranger Things”.

Both Millie’s and Noah’s names are being dragged so many relationship rumors. One such rumor is that they are dating each other. While this was just a rumor and there is nothing in between them. As reported both of them are best friends.

Recently Jake Bongiovi shared an Instagram post with Millie, captioned  “BFF <3”. To which Millie replied, “BFF 🦄”. It is said that both of them are dating. Millie is very open about her relationship while Noah seems to be very introverted and shy when it comes to relationships. While his name is often linked with Sadie Sink. This was also a rumor and Noah strike off this by saying,  “We are just friends.”

So “Stranger Things” fame Noah Schnapp And Millie in a romantic relationship?

While Hunter Echo known as Eccimovic on last day came up with an argument that Millie and Echo were engaged in a “sexual act” and claimed that “he groomed ” her. This happened during an Instagram Livestream while Millie’s came up with a reply that he is “dishonest” and “offensive” and these claims are not true.

They have also decided to take action against Acimovic. Acimovic himself said that “I never groomed her. I never put pressure on her to like me”. He apologized for what has happened.

Millie and Noah are just good friends. They started acting together for “Stranger Things” and nothing is between them. Will have to see in the future if something is revolving.

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