Are Syngin And Tania Still Together?

90 Day Fiance couple Syngin and Tania have definitely had a super up and down relationship. Viewers believe he is way too laid back and chill for her. If they were to break up, it appears no one would be shocked and feel it would be for the best. Via some cryptic posts, it looks like the two might be in the friendzone. Or they could be exploring other options. Either way, they are both living their best lives away from one another.

Tania and Syngin’s 90 Day Fiance Romance

Credit: Syngin Colchester IG

The couple met in an interesting way. Tania was in an online romance and was getting ready to travel overseas for her date. Unfortunately, she was stood up but ended up traveling to South Africa anyway. There, she met Syngin who was a bartender. The two fell in love instantly and she went home with him the night they met. Ultimately, Tania ended up staying with Syngin for several months. This is where their 90 Day journey begins.

Viewers officially met them on Season 7. He was attempting to come live with Tania in Colchester, Connecticut. They butted heads in many ways with just their lifestyle choices. It did not help that they were staying in a shed at Tania’s mother’s house. This made living quarters extremely close. Syngin also had to leave his beloved pup behind when he came to America which was devastating to him.

Another smack in their engagement was when Tania had to leave Syngin during their time together for business. It was not just a short time but a whole month. Luckily, they were able to work through it and get married. However, Syngin went through a lot personally. On a private camping trip in April, he fell and hurt both of his ankles. With his wife out of the country, she sent her sister as a backup. How could they survive?

Are They Over?

Just the other day, Syngin was featured doing a hot chip challenge with influencer That One Girl Erin. She featured it on her TikTok and he seemed so much lighter. Some felt he was just a friend while others were very happy he was away from Tania. A few weeks prior to the chip challenge, Syngin posted a photo of himself meditating on Instagram. Tania responded with meditating emojis. Larissa Lima also commented and that started up some back and forth.

90 Day Fiance Credit: anerinwithnoe TikTok
Credit: anerinwithnoe TikTok

Tania reminded everyone that she is also Syngin’s friend but some people believe everything they read online. Tania then posted herself during the full moon last night. She had a long post where she said it was a great time to let go of things that are not working for you. This prompted questions about her being married. Finally, there have been rumors she has been seeing other men.

Regardless, they are not the happy couple fans have grown to know. Seems fans will just have to keep following their social media accounts and see if they give updates. Or continue to read between the lines. What do you think of this 90 Day Fiance couple? Is it over or is there hope?

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