Are Tina Kitten and Corpse Husband dating? Twitch streamers’ relationship explored

On Sunday, August 8, Twitch star Corpse Husband posted pictures and videos featuring Tina Kitten on his social media handles. The streamer’s recent posts have led fans to speculate if the internet stars are dating.

Fans swarmed on social media yesterday to wish Corpse a very happy birthday as he turned 24. However, many couldn’t help but notice that his posts featured Tina, who he has been linked to lately.

One video posted by Corpse features Tina jokingly handling a knife and trying to do a trick with it. From the video, it appears that the two are by themselves, without their friends’ group.

Are Tina Kitten and Corpse Husband dating?

  • Tina and Corpse have both claimed they aren’t dating.

The Twitch stars have been rumoured to be dating for a while now, but both of them have denied the rumours. They’ve always maintained that they are just good friends.

Previously, Tina dated fellow streamer Jummy, who is associated with the streaming group OfflineTV. However, the couple split up amicably, following which Jummy requested his fans not to harass his ex-girlfriend over their breakup.

Fans have since been shipping Corpse and Tina.

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Why do fans think they are together?

In the past few months, fans have pointed out various instances where Corpse and Tina seemed “flirty” with each other. Many claimed that they saw sparks flying between them. Although Tina is not as big a creator as Corpse, she runs in the same circles as him and his friends, hence they end up featuring in each other’s streams frequently.

In one instance, the faceless streamer said Tina looked “incredible” during a stream. This made many fans think that something might be going on between them. However, to be fair, Corpse wasn’t the only one complimenting Tina, their fellow streamers stated that her $8 shirt from Korea looked great as well.

Furthermore, another incident from May 2021, fueled the dating rumours between the two. The duo was playing Resident Evil Village during a live stream and Corpse allegedly said, “Hey, babe, can I get back?” while talking to Tina.

Fans went into a frenzy following the streamers’ alleged statement. But he refuted the claim, saying he definitely didn’t call her “babe.”

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A look at the streamers’ Twitch channels

Corpse Husband is a wildly popular American musician and internet star known for his hidden face/identity as well as his deep and low-pitched bass voice. He has been making waves on Twitch for about a year thanks to his spooky Among Us streams.

At the moment, Corpse has over a million followers on Twitch and more than 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube, making him one of the biggest creators on both platforms.

Tina, on the other hand, has over 700,000 followers on Twitch. She often appears in streams with other stars on the platform like Sykkuno, Pokimane and Valkyrae.

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Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil | Nemesis Trailer





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