Are You Customer Focused? Here’re 20 Must-Attend Customer-Centric Events in 2020


In this post, we highlight some key customer service/experience tips, statistics, and customer-centric events, conferences, you must not miss in 2020. 

These events can benefit your business whether you own dropshipping business, supermarket, retail, or even neighborhood cosmetic shop, but first


What is CustomA Walker Report says customer experience will overtake price and product as key brand differentiator by 2020. Therefore, it becomes paramount to design a comprehensive customer journey map and provide first-class customer service for enhanced customer experience at all touchpoints.

To achieve this, brands must be on top of new trends, shifts, and developments in customer service and customer experience, in order to satisfy customer expectations in a highly competitive and dynamic business world.

er Experience?


A customer’s experience with your brand is their overall perception of how your brand treats/treated them. This encompasses customer service, ease of use of website, wait time, etc. These build memories and feelings which may affect their next purchase, loyalty and future interactions with your brand.

In essence, people buy experiences, not just products or services. Here’s where smart brands of the future are differentiating, by focusing on customers, and so should you too.

Here are


Some Statistics Showing Why You Should Be Customer-Centric


  • 77% of customers would recommend a company to a friend after having a positive experience with them (Temkin)
  • 70% of American consumers say that they have spent more money to shop with a business that delivers great service (American Express)
  • 70% of Americans say that a positive experience with a company means they’ll be more loyal (New Voice Media)
  • 33% of Americans say that it only takes a single instance of poor service for them to consider switching companies. (American Express)
  • 55% of customers are willing to spend more money with a company that guarantees them a satisfying experience(ThinkJar)
  • 70% of unhappy customers whose problems are resolved are willing to forgive and shop with a business again (Glance)
  • Companies with a thoughtfully crafted customer service program enjoy a 92% customer retention rate. (Aberdeen)
  • 84% of businesses which work to improve their customer experience report increased revenue (Dimension Data)


source: pixelbay

20 Customer-Centric Events You Must Not Miss in 2020


  1. Name: CRM Evolution 2020 Conference and Exhibition
  • Theme: N/A
  1. Key Highlights: Innovative approaches that the world’s leading organizations are deploying in CRM, sales and marketing technologies, customer experience, customer service, and much more. 
  2. Speakers: 50+
  4. Date: APRIL 27-29, 2020
  5. Time: Grand Opening -5pm
  6. Fee: By 3/27- $1,495, After 3/27- $1,695
  7. Host/Organizers: The Editors of CRM Magazine.
  8. Sponsors/Partners: Gridspace, Aceyus, MarketPoint, CRM, EContent, SmartCustomerService, SpeechTecnology.


  1. Name: Connected Customer Summit
  2. Theme: N/A
  3. Key Highlights: 1. How to get personalization right as a new wave of data analytics opens new doors to customer insights. 2. How to create authentic and immersive interactions that will place your brand at the forefront of the experience economy. 3. Capitalize on a world of connection through the power of platforms and ecosystems. 4. Discover how brands can go beyond transactional relationships and make the most of how they are identified by customers
  • Speakers: N/A
  1. Date: 18th May 2020
  • Time:9am
  1. Fee: CX PROFESSIONALS –EARLY BIRD Until 14 February ( £295.00+ VAT) Full Price £595.00 + VATSTANDARD -EARLY BIRD Until 14 February (£995.00+ VAT) Full Price £1,295.00 + VAT
  2. Host/Organizers: MarketforceLive
  3. Sponsors/Partners: N/A


  1. Name: Customer Engagement Transformation Conference
  2. Theme: Understand how you can help to shape and evolve your business in the growing digital world
  3. Key Highlights: Equip customer experience managers with insights from the organizations at the forefront of this trend, and already reaping the results.
  4. Speakers: N/A
  5. Venue: Park Plaza Victoria, 239 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Pimlico, London SW1V 1EQ
  6. Date: 9th July 2020
  • Time:9am
  1. Fee: Standard £595+VAT, Bronze £995+VAT, Silver £1995+VAT, Annual £995 +VAT.
  2. Host/Organizers: Engage Customer.
  3. Sponsors/Partners: KPMG, Odigo, Trustpilot, Teleperformance, WillisTowersWatson, GENESYS, SAP, Salesforce, IBM, CAPITA


  1. Name: SMART Customer Service 2020
  • Theme: N/A
  1. Key Highlights: Innovative approaches that the world’s leading organizations are deploying to manage customer interactions and maximize customer value. Smart Customer Service is designed for the executives, managers, and professionals who are managing and deploying customer service systems and strategies at all types of organizations.
  2. Speakers: 25+
  4. Date: APRIL 27-29, 2020
  5. Time: Grand Opening Reception- 5 pm 
  6. Fee: By 3/27$1,495, After 3/27 $1,695
  7. Host/Organizers: N/A
  8. Sponsors/Partners: Gridspace, CRM, EContent, SmartCustomerService, SpeechTecnology.


  1. Name: SpeechTek 2020
  • Theme: N/A
  1. Key Highlights: join other executives, engineers, developers, and users and adopters of speech technologies to learn, share, and celebrate the trends and technologies shaping the future of speech technology, artificial intelligence, and customer interactions.
  2. Speakers: 75+
  4. Date: APRIL 27-29, 2020
  5. Time: Grand Opening Reception- 5 pm
  6. Fee: By 3/27 $1,495, After 3/27 $1,695
  7. Host/Organizers: N/A
  8. Sponsors/Partners: Gridspace, COBALT, Speech-Soft Solutions, CRM, EContent, SmartCustomerService, SpeechTecnology.


  1. Name: Digital Experience Conference
  •  Theme:  N/A
  1. Key Highlights: Join the community of digital experience leaders and practitioners from technology, marketing, and business disciplines to ensure you are up-to-date on what’s working for your peers (or not), and learn what newer technologies are ready for prime time (or not).
  2. Speakers: 25+
  4. Date: APRIL 27-29, 2020
  5. Time: N/A
  6. Fee: By 3/27 $1,495, After 3/27 $1,695
  7. Host/Organizers: N/A
  8. Sponsors/Partners: Gridspace, CRM, EContent, SmartCustomerService, SpeechTecnology.


  1. Theme: Embrace intelligence and innovative technology to elevate the customer experience.
  2. Key Highlights: Hear analyst perspectives on future customer experience developments, be inspired by the CX experts pushing the limits, connect with peers, spotlight your success and receive tactical tips to refresh your mind and empower your team.
  3. Speakers: Luvvie Ajayi (Award-winning Author, Speaker, and Digital Strategist), Jay Baer (President, Convince & Convert), Mike Lowndes (Senior Director, Gartner) and Rob Tarkoff (Executive Vice President and General Manager, CX Cloud, Oracle)
  4. Venue: McCormick Place West /Chicago, IL, USA
  5. Date: March 23rd-26th 2020
  6. Time: N/A
  7. Fee: Government Rate (Full Conference Pass)- $795. Group Early Bird Discount (5+ Full Conference Passes)- $1095/pass ( Expires January 19, 2020).Early Bird Discount (Full Conference Pass)- $1295 (Expires January 19, 2020).
  8. Host/Organizers: Oracle
  9. Sponsors/Partners: Deloitte, Inspirage, KPMG, ADP, AVATA, Bakertilly amongst others.


  1. Name: Adobe Summit
  2. Theme: Gain insights, develop skills and reimagine the customer experience you’re creating.
  3. Key Highlights: Join the leaders in marketing, automation, analytics, advertising, and commerce.
  4. Speakers: N/A
  5. Venue: Las Vegas
  6. Date: MAR 29–APR 2, 2020
  7. Time: N/A
  8. Fee: Early Bird through December 15- $1,695, Advance through January 31- $1,895, Regular through February 1–April 2- $2,095
  9. Host/Organizers: Adobe
  10. Sponsors/Partners: Accenture Interactive, Deloitte Digital, Yext, Capgemini, Epsilon, HCL Technologies Ltd amongst others. 


  1. Key Highlights: learn how to shape the future of your customer experience strategies to drive “improved” customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy through outstanding and impactful keynote presenters, insightful concurrent breakout sessions and highly interactive sessions that will cover a host of topics.
  2. Speakers: Horst Schulze (Founding President and COO Ritz-Carlton), Colin Shaw (Founder & CEO Beyond Philosophy), José S. Suquet (Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Pan-American Life Insurance Group)
  3. Venue: InterContinental Hotel New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
  4. Date: March 25, 2020 – March 27, 2020
  5. Time: N/A
  6. Fee: By February 28, 2020
    LOMA member: $1,320
    LIMRA (non-LOMA) member: $1,980
    Non-member: $2,640
    After February 28, 2020
    LOMA member: $1,620
    LIMRA (non-LOMA) member: $2,430
    Non-member: $3,240
  7. Host/Organizers: LOMA
  8. Sponsors/Partners: N/A


  1. Name: Customer Experience Strategies Summit
  2. Theme: Power up customer experience innovation across your organization: Collaborate, integrate and engage!
  3. Key Highlights: Gain insights to use to tackle your customer experience challenges, leave feeling motivated and ready to strategize back in the office. Master digital CX, unleash social media, explore innovative technologies and drive customer loyalty and retention.
  4. Speakers: Tom LeBaron (Customer Engagement Director Leading Audience Strategy THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY), Nick Allen (Global Director of Design & User Experience GE HEALTHCARE), James Gregson (Global Digital Marketer, Head of Social Media Studio LEGO GROUP), Fred Ehle (Vice President Marketing REDBLOX RETAIL LLC), Lisa Kalhans (SVP and Country Manager, Canada AMERICAN EXPRESS) amongst other speakers.
  5. Venue: Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, Canada.
  6. Date: April 21st-22nd 2020
  7. Time: N/A
  8. Fee: Regular- $1,995 Early Bird-Expires Dec 20, 2019 for $300 off and Feb 7, 2020 for $100 off.
  9. Host/Organizers: Strategy Institute
  10. Sponsors/Partners: N/A


  1. Name: Customer Experience Management (CEM) Summit Africa
  2. Theme: N/A
  3. Key Highlights: CEM Summit will host CX experts and solution providers for an informative summit – all with the aim to improve customer experience across Africa. Practical ways to improve customer retention will be covered, along with customer journey insights and effective use cases of customer data.
  4. Speakers: LandiJac  (Global Director Worldwide Business Intelligence), Guarin Coetzee Lead: Customer Experience, Strategic Accounts Smoke Customer Intelligence), Mike Handcock (Chairman and Founder Circle of Excellence Group) amongst others speakers.
  5. Venue: Cape Town, South Africa.
  6. Date: August 5th-6th 2020.
  7. Time: N/A
  8. Fee: R8950 excl.VAT
  9. Host/Organizers: Kinetic
  10. Sponsors/Partners: Adobe, KPMG,, Global Africa Network amongst others.


  1. Name: The Customer Service Summit Incite Group
  2. Theme: Effortless Resolution Ultimate Experience
  3. Key Highlights: Gain tools and strategies to drive customer experience service to the center of the business and exceed customer expectations from the world’s most influential brands in customer experience.
  4. Speakers: N/A
  5. Venue: San Diego Mission Bay Resort, San Diego, USA
  6. Date: June 8th-9th 2020
  7. Time: N/A
  8. Fee: Executive Pass- $2045, Standard Pass- $1845, Launch Pass- $1645
  9. Host/Organizers: Incite Group
  • Sponsors/Partners: ConverSocial, First Orion, Bold360, TechEventsOnline and DigitalAgencyNetwork amongst others.


  1. Name: Customer Contact Week (CCW) 2020
  2. Theme: The World’s Largest Customer Contact Event
  3. Key Highlights: A customer service conference that will bring together Customer Experience and Customer Care professionals to discuss how to deliver excellent CX at each stage of the customer journey.
  4. Speakers: 300+
  5. Venue: Las Vegas, NV
  6. Date: June 22-26, 2020
  7. Time: N/A
  8. Fee: Community Pass- $179912/20 Early Bird: Community Pass-$999, Preferred Pass $2999 12/20 Early Bird: Preferred Pass– $1599 and Premium Pass– $3299, 12/20 Early Bird: Premium Pass– $1799.
  9. Host/Organizers: IQPC
  10. Sponsors/Partners: 8×8, Acquire BPO, Afiniti, and Alorica amongst others. 


  1. Name: Next Generation Customer Experience 2020 (NGCX 2020)
  2. Theme: The Event for CX Innovators
  3. Key Highlights: Establishing a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program and extracting value from your CX data by closing the feedback loop.
    – Instilling a customer-centric and knowledge-sharing culture.
    – Identifying ways to boost customer loyalty and customer retention.
  4. Speakers: Kristin Reilly (VP of Global People Experience Walmart), Brad Maglinger (VP, Digital Research and Design Marriott International) and Raj Sivasubramanian (Customer Experience Leader, CCXP Airbnb) amongst others.
  5. Venue: Indian Wells, CA
  6. Date: March 23-25, 2020
  7. Time: N/A
  8. Fee: Full Access Pass (March 23-25, 2020) $2,499
    Early bird- $2,099
  9. Host/Organizers: Worldwide Business Research
  10. Sponsors/Partners: CRMXchange,, Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), Quirk’s Media, RetailWire, StartUp City, Visibility Magazine


  1. Name: Zendesk Relate 2020
  2. Theme: Work hard, play hard
  3. Key Highlights: Ways to boost your CX leadership.
    – Best practices to instill a robust customer support environment.
    – Zendesk product training and applications.
  • Speakers: Sara Blakely (Spanx Founder & Chief Executive Officer), MikkelSvane (CEO/Founder, Zendesk)
  1. Venue: Miami, FL
  2. Date: March 3-5, 2020
  3. Time: N/A
  4. Fee: $1,499
  5. Host/Organizers: Guy Raz (Host, co-creator, and editorial director, TED Radio Hour and How I Built This)
  • Sponsors/Partners: Ada, Simplr, StellaConnect amongst others.


  1. Name: CXPA Global Insight Exchange
  2. Theme: N/A
  3. Key Highlights: The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) is dedicated to sharing insights and best practices to improve Customer Experience, and in advancing the field of Customer Experience in general.
  4. Speakers: N/A
  5. Venue: Orlando, FL
  6. Date: April 27-29, 2020
  7. Time: N/A
  8. Fee: CXPA Member- $1,195.00, Non-Member- $1,495.00, Contributing Host- $2,500.00
  9. Host/Organizers: Customer Experience Professionals Association
  10. Sponsors/Partners: Confirmit, Concentrix, InMoment amongst others.


  1. Name: X4 The Experience MGMT Summit
  2. Theme: The Annual Gathering of Experience Leaders
  3. Key Highlights: Learn how the visionaries and leaders behind the world’s most iconic organizations design and deliver breakthrough customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.
  4. Speakers: Ellen DeGeneres (Host & Executive Producer /The Ellen DeGeneres Show),  Michelle
    Obama (NY Times #1 bestselling author of 2018 /Former First Lady) amongst others.
  • Venue: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • Date: March 10th-13th 2020
  1. Time:
  2. Fee: (Early Bird $1,399 November 23- $1,599 January 1-$1,799)
    X4 Summit Pass- US$1,599, X4 Summit Pass + XM Basecamp Live- US$2,099
    Group X4 Summit Pass- US$1,449, Group X4 Summit Pass + XM Basecamp Live- US$1,949
  3. Host/Organizers: Qualtrics
  4. Sponsors/Partners: Uber, Coca-Cola,  Sephora amongst others.


  1. Name: CX Marketing Summit
  2. Theme: Discover how the marketing function is playing an increasingly important role in CX.
  3. Key Highlights: The CX Marketing Summit focuses on CX excellence, looking at the increasing number of organizations combining the efforts of customer and marketing departments, for consistent messaging and further enhanced customer understanding and insights.
  4. Speakers: N/A
  5. Venue: London, UK
  6. Date: 19th June 2020
  7. Time: N/A
  8. Fee: Standard– £555, Bronze– £995, Silver– 1995, Annual-£995
  9. Host/Organizers: Engage CX Marketing 
  10. Sponsors/Partners: N/A


  1. Name: Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit
  2. Theme: Transform Your Organization for the Everything Customer.
  3. Key Highlights: Examine the differing perceptions of ‘good’ customer service across different organizations.
  4. Speakers: N/A
  5. Venue: Sydney, Australia
  6. Date: June 17th-18th 2020  
  7. Time: N/A
  •  Fee: Early-bird- $2,875Expires 17 April 2020, Standard- $3,350 price exc. GST.
  1. Host/Organizers: Gartner
  2. Sponsors/Partners: N/A


  1. Name: Shift/CX
  • Theme: From Customer First to Customer Passion
  1. Key Highlights: The focus in 2020 will be on customer passion. This focus reflects the challenge of not just having a customer-centric and well-orchestrated experience approach but also “for the customer passioned” organization to meet customer expectations.
  2. Speakers: Mirijam Kim This, Project Manager Chatbot | Content Marketing | SEO | Listening | Monitoring | HDI Content Campus, HDI Insurance, Harald Henn, Managing Director, Marketing Resultant amongst others. 
  3. Venue: Frankfurt, Germany
  4. Date: March 25th-26th 2020  
  5. Time: N/A
  6. Fee: Shift / CX (25.03 – 26.03.2020) 490 EUR (Early Bird until 20.12)
  7. Host/Organizers: N/A
  8. Sponsors/Partners: Freshworks, i-CEM amongst others.



Plan to attend these customer care/experience events, learn how to deepen customer relationships, network and create more business opportunities for your brand in 2020 and beyond.



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