Argos shoppers howling at cheeky five-star review for blackout curtains

Shopping online can be handy when you’re unsure which product to buy as you can scan the reviews of past customers to find out if the item is good value.

Whether the product has good or bad reviews can make the decision for you so you don’t need to waste money on an unsuitable purchase.

But, sometimes customer reviews can provide more than just useful information – such as a recent five-star review of a pair of Argos blackout curtains which left shoppers in stitches.

On sale for just £15, the description said: “Need a nice dark room to get a good night’s sleep? Yep, so do we.

“That’s why we love this pair of blackout curtains.

“They’re fully lined to keep light out, making sure you get a decent rest all year round.”

The curtains cost £15 and were very well rated

And, over 1,400 people also reviewed the decor with the overall score coming out at five stars out of five, reports the Mirror.

Meaning, they’re a really good choice!

Some shoppers branded the curtains “brilliant” while others weren’t so happy, but there was only a single one star review.

However, it wasn’t the low rated review that had Argos shoppers giggling.

Instead, one rating given by “Justbeinghonest” gave the curtains top marks.

It said: “These blackout curtains are great, especially when you wake up next to someone you wish you hadn’t, you can’t see anything.”

Reddit users were left in stitches
Reddit users were left in stitches
(Image: Argos)

The only details given about the person were that they were aged between 55 and 64 and lived in Margate.

Sounds like someones getting lucky…

A screenshot was reposted to Reddit with the caption: “Wasn’t expecting to read this in the curtain reviews …”

And, plenty of other chuckling social media users quickly commented.

One person replied to say: “The age makes it” and a second added: “Not to pre-judge but I firmly believe that due to the age, the ‘someone’ they wish they hadn’t woken up next to is their husband/wife.”

And another added: “I can never work out if Argos reviews are all satire or if the people who write Argos reviews are genuinely like that.”

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