Ariana Grande’s Husband Dalton Gomez Came up With ‘Positions’ Concept

  • Ariana Grande said her husband Dalton Gomez came up with the concept for her “Positions” video.
  • She told Allure that they were driving home when Gomez asked: “What if you were the president?”
  • Grande then called the music-video director about the new plan and shot the video three days later. 

Ariana Grande’s husband Dalton Gomez came up with the idea for her “Positions” music video, the 28-year-old Grammy winner revealed to Allure on Friday. 

In the Dave Meyers-directed music video, Grande assumes the role of the President of the United States, alternating between signing bills in the Oval Office and cooking pasta in the White House kitchen.

Gomez, a real estate agent who married the “Thank U, Next” singer in May 2021, was the brains behind the vision, Grande said. 

“We were in the car driving home and Dalton just turned to me and was like, ‘What if you were the president?'” she recalled.


Grande imitated her reaction, gasping and placing her hand over her heart. “You’re perfect,” she remembered telling Gomez at the time. 

The pop star then called Meyers, who previously directed Grande in videos including “No Tears Left to Cry” and “God Is a Woman,” to share the new plan. 

“This was literally three days away from the shoot, I want to say,” Grande said. “He made it happen.” 

Throughout the “Positions” video, Grande is surrounded by a women-dominated administration, which is made up of some of the singer’s family members and closest friends.

ariana grande positions

Ariana Grande in the “Positions” music video.

Ariana Grande/YouTube

As Insider’s music reporter Callie Ahlgrim pointed out, the entire video is sprinkled with nods to Grande’s liberal politics, her favorite historical figures, and details from the pop star’s personal life. 

“It was really cool just to sort of paint this picture in a feminine way and say, you know, ‘Why couldn’t it look like that? Why couldn’t it even look half like that?'” Grande told Allure. 

The “Positions” video has been viewed over 360 million times since its release in October 2020.

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