Ariela Weinberg Slams Critics For Accusing Her Of Plastic Surgery

90 Day Fiance Fame Ariela Weinberg slammed critics who wrongly assumed she got plastic surgery done. Ariela was seen glamorous while meeting her ex-husband Leandro, wearing a leather jacket and a leopard print dress.

This is a part of her personality that she likes to keep herself beautiful. She also got her nails done and showed them to Biniyam. But shockingly, her missing engagement ring became a mess. Although, one can gather how much she is fond of keeping herself pretty.

Meanwhile, she recently shared a post on which she received comments where fans speculated that she went for plastic surgery. However, Ariela has bounced back to those comments. Let us know how she reacted.

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90 Day fiance: Ariela Weinberg Reacts To The Accusation Of Plastic Surgery

Many fans have come to the conclusion that Ariela Weinberg has undergone some changes in her looks since her appearance in Season 1. Some say that it is after she became the mother to her son Aviel. But there are also speculations that the New Jersey native got plastic surgery done.

However, Ariela clarified to the fans that she has NOT done any surgery. Although, she did get botox injections to improve her smile, as she says, “My smile is crooked. I have a lot of pain and can’t even chew well. It’s really taken my quality of life down a lot,”

On Ariela’s recent post on Instagram, while doing cameos, one fan said, “Your surgery looks fantastic,” Ariela then thanked her, clarifying that it is not a surgery. A few days back, Ariela posted a picture with needles on her face. And this made a fan speculate, as she wrote, “why lie when there are pics of you with needles in your face?” According to Monsters&Critics, Ariela again clarified that it was not surgery, it was botox.

A clip was also shared by Ariela’s injector on their Instagram handle. In that video, Ariela is receiving her Botox and filler injections in a “full-face treatment.” The process included Botox, Volbella, Juvederm Ultra Plus, and Voluma.

Ariela’s critics were later apologetic and said that they appreciate that Ariela is honest and not like those who hide about any cosmetic treatments that they go through. Ariela agreed with the comments as well.

Biniyam Slammed For Using Excessive Force On Ariela’s Ex-Husband Leandro

Meanwhile, Biniyam was slammed by his fellow cast members and fans for using excessive force on Ariela’s ex-husband Leandro. 90 Day Fiance’s official Instagram page shared a clip of the PILLOW TALK. In that we get to know that Biniyam brutally hit Leandro.

Many co-stars and fans then slammed Biniyam for doing such violence on Leandro for no reason. One of the cast members, Julia Trubkina, seemed most shocked by all this.

90 Day Fiance

This all took place when the two were boxing at the gym. This resulted in Biniyam first hitting Leandro and then leaving him in a headlock on the ground. Leandro tapped twice, but Biniyam kept on hitting him. It seemed that Biniyam was trying to take out his frustration over his potential rival Leandro.

Do you think Ariela is genuine about not getting any plastic surgery? Moreover, did Biniyam do right by being violent on the Ph.D. scholar Leandro? Let us know in the comment section.


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