Armor Wars: You can expect Iron Man in this New Series!

Armor Wars Updates: Tony Stark died in Avengers Endgame. An irrefutable fact, but difficult to accept for some fans of Marvel Studios who go so far as to demand the return of the hero in the MCU. Rest assured, the former leader of the Avengers will not completely disappear from the Series.

In a question-and-answer session, Bob Chapek, the current CEO of Disney Studios, indeed answered the following when asked if Iron Man is coming back to the MCU “Tell Marvel fans that there’s a series called Armor Wars coming up, with Don Cheadle as War Machine. I think that’s probably going to ease the fans’ urge to have more Iron Man. ”

Armor Wars: Updates

Armor Wars: You can expect Iron Man in this New Series!

Robert Downey Jr . having confided on several occasions to have turned the page, one doubts that the actor once again puts on the armor of Iron Man for this new series. However, even absent, the hero will undoubtedly have a major role to play.

In fact, Armor Wars is described as a show exploring the aftermath of Tony Stark, his legacy, and the aftermath of his death. The plot of the series mentions in particular the fact that one of the technologies developed by Stark Industries could fall into the wrong hands. So you should rather expect flashbacks or mentions of the character, but probably not a full return of Iron Man in the MCU.


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