Arnold Schwarzenegger Wishes His Son A Happy Birthday And Said ‘I Am So Proud of You’.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the biggest name in the bodybuilding world and one of the most famous faces in Hollywood, recently wished his youngest son a happy birthday.

Joseph Baena, whom Schwarzenegger shares with Mildred Patricia, just turned 24 and the actor took to social media to share a few shots of himself with his son.

In one of the pictures, father and son can be seen smiling at the camera while enjoying a drink, while in the second shot they are enjoying a nice bicycle ride around town.

In the final snap, Schwarzenegger and Baena are standing right in front of a mural dedicated to the 74-year-old superstar, depicting him during his bodybuilding days.

Baena said he will be primarily based in West Los Angeles and Silicon Beach.

Along with the photos, Schwarzenegger wished his son a happy birthday, telling him how proud he is of him, not only for his hard work in the gym but also for his recent success in real estate and acting.

The “Terminator” alum ended the post by saying he knows it will be another fantastic year for Baena, who is scheduled to star in the upcoming sci-fi film, “The Chariot,” alongside John Malkovich.

Baena later took to Instagram to thank everyone for sending him birthday wishes, describing his past year as “amazing,” as well as “filled with new friends, new experiences and, most importantly, a lot of goals met.”

Aside from his passion for fitness, which he got from his father, Baena has also been following in Schwarzenegger’s footsteps when it comes to acting, as he just finished filming “Bully High.”

In the movie, the 24-year-old plays the role of the school president and, according to him, he had a great time on set as he finally knows what it is like to be a “private school kid.”

Earlier this year, Baena also started his real estate career and didn’t waste any time showing off his new professional look to his fans with a photo of himself in front of a property he was trying to sell.

Baena, who joined Aria Properties, said he will be primarily based in West Los Angeles and Silicon Beach and that those on the market for a home should drop him a message.


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