Arrogant Prince Andrew Bragging That He’s ‘Untouchable’ After Latest Lawsuit?

Is Prince Andrew bragging that he’s “untouchable” when it comes to his involvement with the Jeffrey Epstein scandal? One tabloid’s cover story claims Andrew is flaunting a “get-out-of-jail-fee card.” Here’s what we know.

Prince Andrew Lands ‘Secret Immunity Deal’?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Prince Andrew believes he’ll be unscathed by the recent lawsuit filed against him. Andrew’s involvement with convicted sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein has drowned the royal in scandal. The latest development places Andrew at the wrong end of a lawsuit accusing him of sexually abusing one of Epstein’s underage sex-trafficking victims. And while many people would be sweating over the severity of the charges, the magazine insists Andrew is cool-headed.

“Andrew is totally convinced he’ll get this explosive lawsuit thrown out of court — and he’s hired a high-powered attorney experienced in sex-abuse cases to do it,” an insider dishes. “He’s boasting he’s in the clear thanks to the agreement that girl signed in 2009. But aides say he’s living in a fantasy world — refusing to believe he could actually face the music.”

The tabloid explains that Andrew’s lawyer claims the lawsuit is “unlawful” since the one filing it, Virginia Roberts, is supposedly violating a 2009 agreement by doing so. Meanwhile, others are warning the prince that his defense strategy isn’t foolproof, but Andrew reportedly doesn’t care. “There seems no end to Andrew’s arrogance,” the insider snitches. “His mantra is ‘deny, deny, deny’ and this lawsuit will vanish. But going for flight instead of fight is making him look guilty — whether he is or not.”

‘Arrogant’ Prince Andrew Claims Immunity From Charges?

First of all, Andrew hasn’t landed any “secret immunity deal” in the traditional sense, and we seriously doubt he’s making it seem that way. All that the public knows is that Andrew’s attorney has acknowledged the lawsuit and revealed that he will cite a 2009 settlement document that absolves Andrew “from any and all liability.” Absolutely nothing is settled, and Andrew’s legal team still hasn’t filed a formal response to the suit. Andrew presumably has a good enough grasp on his situation to not “flaunt” any kind of unofficial immunity.

Besides, it’s unlikely Andrew is discussing such a sensitive legal matter with anyone other than his close family and legal team. So, unless this tabloid is talking to his lawyers directly — which is not only unlikely but would violate lawyer-client privilege — we’re left to seriously question the sincerity of this report. In reality, Andrew is in an extremely uncertain position, and given the severity of the charges against him, the situation is an easy target for tabloids hoping to muddy the waters with false and misleading stories.

The Tabloid On Prince Andrew

But the Globe has been publishing misleading stories about Andrew ever since his scandal broke. Last year, the outlet claimed Andrew planned to team up with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to bring down the royal family. Then the magazine reported again that Andrew, Harry, and Markle had plans to “destroy the monarchy.” Then the tabloid alleged Queen Elizabeth put a “hit” on Ghislaine Maxwell to protect Andrew. And more recently, the outlet claimed Andrew was begging the royal family for the funds to settle this lawsuit. Obviously, the Globe isn’t reliable when it comes to Prince Andrew.


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