Ashley Darby Reacts To Candiace Dillard’s Criticism Of Her Autotune Usage When Candiace Used It In Her Music Too; Says “Bitch, If You Like Autotune Just Say You Like Autotune”

Ashley Darby

Real Housewives of Potomac stars Candiace Dillard and Ashley Darby have been feuding for several seasons on the show. When Ashley was trying get pregnant she said that she reduced her alcohol consumption. Candiace was counting Ashley’s cocktails like it was her job.

Candiace invited the RHOP cast to a dinner party at her mother’s house. When Ashley mentioned that they were actually in Candiace’s mom’s home, Candiace brandished a butter knife at Ashley. For some reason, Housewives really enjoy fighting at mealtime.

Season 5 also featured the vicious physical altercation between Monique Samuels and Candiace. Candiace filed second-degree assault charges against Monique. Monique returned the favor and filed a second-degree assault charge against Candiace.

During a recent episode of RHOP, Candiace had a pajama party to bid farewell to her mother’s townhome. Candiace and her husband, Chris Bassett, bought a house. The hostess forgot to invite Ashley. Oof.

Candiace also worked on recording her new song, “Drive Back.” It was hilarious that she was using autotune. During the Season 5 RHOP reunion, Candiace dissed Ashley’s vocal ability and slammed her for using autotune on her song, “Coffee & Love.” Now Candiace’s husband is her manager, and Candiace’s mother, Dorothy Dillard, isn’t pleased.

Recently,  Candiace appeared on Watch What Happens Live. A fan asked if Candiace apologized to Ashley about her autotune comments, since Candiace used it on her new track. Host Andy Cohen remarked, “You did shade her autotune.”


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Candiace replied, “I don’t. I’ll tell you why. So autotune is, people don’t know, it’s an industry standard,” she explained. “Everybody uses it from, like, the best singers to the ones that need a little prayer. Some just need it more than others.”

Andy pressed Candiace and said, “You both used it.” Candiace responded, “People use it in a creative way. T-Pain is an amazing vocalist, but he used it in a creative way to get onto the stage,” Candiace stated. “She used it on the entire song.”

When Ashley appeared on WWHL, Andy filled her in on Candiace’s comments. “Now last week on the show, we had a conversation with Candiace, whose new song came out,” Andy remarked. “I don’t know if you saw this, and I said, ‘You know you really ragged on Ashley about her auto-tune at the reunion, but you feature auto-tune in your song.’”

Ashley replied, “You don’t say?” Andy is such a shade monster. “Now what she said was that her auto-tune was a more creative use of it, and you used it throughout your song. Any response to that?” Andy asked. As if Ashley would give Candiace a pass.


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Andy, you know what? That’s my issue with Candiace,” Ashley shared. “Is no matter how much you try to talk to her about something and confront her about something, she’s always going to find some way to you know like push it off, shove it off.” Like waving a butter knife, perhaps?

“Bitch, if you like auto-tune, just say you like auto-tune. It’s okay. It’s alright,” Ashley added.


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