Atlanta Hairstylist Sensually Handles Lil Baby’s Locs In Viral Video

A video of the hairstylist, who uses the Instagram handle @lux_n_locs, sensually running her fingers through the Lil Baby‘s hair is currently going viral online.

The controversial clip has a love song playing in the background, making the entire thing pretty outrageous.

The Atlanta hairstylist has done Lil Baby’s hair a number of times, but fans are guessing that he’ll change stylists after this video went viral. The Shade Room reposted the video which immediately made it go viral and now being viewed thousands of times.

The clip was edited into slow-motion, and people are getting a good look at the products going into Baby’s hair, as well as the oil dripping down the side of his face, which commenters are saying they would have wiped off, ruining the video.

The stylist responded to all of the comments she’s gotten, saying, “Thank you to the supports and the ones that got something negative to say. This is my marketing strategy. Nothing is going on.”

She’s also running with the narrative by adding Atlanta HairP0rn Star to her profile.

Watch the video below :

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