‘Atlanta’ Season 3 Will Hit FX In The ‘First Half’ Of 2022

Atlanta‘s return to FX’s illustrious list of comedy programming is a bit closer than some expected in a world that’s been upended by a pandemic. The Donald Glover vehicle has had two strong seasons, and word came Friday that a third has wrapped and should arrive in the early part of 2022.

The Wrap reported Friday that FX head John Landgraf provided an update on Atlanta while speaking at a virtual Television Critics Association press tour. And while an official release date isn’t here, Landgraf confirmed that shooting has finished in Europe and the coming months will detail a lengthy post-production process before it airs in the “first half” of the new year:

“We haven’t locked down the scheduling for Season 3 yet,” Langraf said. “It has finished shooting. It shot primarily in Europe, actually, and it’s in post-production. But it is a lengthy post-production process on that. And part of the reason it’s like this is because they’re actually in production right now on Season 4 in Atlanta. And all of the scripts for Season 4 have been written. I absolutely adore those scripts for both seasons. So to be honest with you, the reason I can’t quite lock it down for you is that it really is driven by Donald Glover and Hiro Murai’s schedule and availability and the length of post, both for Season 3, while they’re in process of producing Season 4. But note that I did listed as one of the things that will be coming back in the first half of 2022. So that is our anticipation and I think we’ll be able to lock down an actual date, certainly for Season 3, maybe for both cycles, relatively soon. I would guess within a couple months.”

While a long post-production period may be disappointing for some, that filming is finished is huge news for a show many have hoped would return in a hurry. Knowing Season 4 is set as well is really encouraging, as hopefully the turnaround for that isn’t nearly as anguished as filming pretty much anything has been over the last year or so as well.

We’ll hold our breath for an official release date, but progress is progress.

[via The Wrap]

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