Ava From Season 3 of ‘The Circle’ Is a Reality TV Show Veteran

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 3 of The Circle.

The first four episodes of Season 3 of The Circle arrived on Netflix on Sept. 8, 2021. As avid fans of the show will tell you, they indeed pack a punch. Starring Kai Ghost, an immensely charming singer-songwriter who left her hometown of Nashville, Tenn., for Los Angeles, America’s Next Top Model alum Ava Marie Capra, her sis, Chanel, and others, the episodes aim to deliver your much-needed dose of heated drama.

Ava Marie Capra’s name might ring a bell for a few ‘The Circle’ fans.

A reality TV show veteran, Ava got her first taste of fame in the early 2010s. According to IMDb, she dipped her toe into the water with a 2014 TV show, The Romance. She went on to appear in Season 22 of America’s Next Top Model, where she competed alongside models like Nyle DiMarco and Lacey Claire Rogers. Also, she was rocking a mullet at the time — which puts her about three years ahead of the trend. In Season 3 of The Circle, she is playing alongside her sister, Chanel.

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Season 3 of The Circle kicked off with a real bang, capturing Kai’s immaculate rise to popularity. After being crowned an Influencer, Kai decides to use her newfound power to create a level playing ground and block the suspiciously catfish-like contenders. She goes after Ava and her sister, Chanel.

In a rare twist of fate, the producers immediately rescue Ava and Chanel. Instead of being sent home, they have to clone a player’s identity. They choose Michelle, a player who attracted controversy by revealing that she doesn’t let her dogs kiss her mouth.

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Ava Marie Capra

Ava and Chanel turn out to be better at Michelle than Michelle herself. She is the one who gets eliminated, but not without having a tension-charged heart-to-heart with Ava and Chanel first.

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“I’m so annoyed with Ava and Chanel for not cloning Kai’s profile. Why are they not going for the person who blocked them? That seems like the logical/strategic next step. Or am I not understanding the twist?” tweeted @TheRealNkaiseng.

“I’m into Linkin Park, he’s one of my favorite artists.’ Ava [has to] go,” tweeted @MonsterChelsko.

“Ava, the cool Christian from ANTM, is on The Circle?” wrote @controlledevil.

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